Monday, March 31, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 10

I am BACK, people! and with me, I have brought a summary of a new chapter of We Are Anonymous. In this chapter, we are going to learn about a "ninja" hacker in Anonymous and how they operate ("Phew!", I hear you say. "Not another boring biography of another hacker, we've already had enough of that!"). So enough chitchat, I'll just tell you about the story already.

The chapter takes place after Sabu's assault on the Tunisian government. This had a great impact on Anonymous, as it gave the people a view of Anonymous as an amazingly skilled bunch of skilled hacktivists (despite Sabu being the one who did all the hacking in the first place, the credit was taken by all of the Anons anyway). A few Anons such as Topiary first met Sabu when the latter accidentally got kicked out of the Anonymous chat room by Topiary (who was forgiven by Sabu, fortunately).

In this chapter, more about  Kayla's secretive personality is mentioned. It turns out that it was done in the sake of keeping her identity secret just in case someone wanted to call the feds on her. When she was still a young hacker (and a skilled one as well, regarding her age), she picked the wrong guy to hack. This guy easily tracked down Kayla through her MSN account and hacker profiles. Through these personal accounts, he managed to uncover her email address, phone number, enough information required to call the cops on her (which he threatened to do). After a lifetime of pleading, the victim and the hacker (or at least the victim) calmed down and decided to meet each other.

At their meeting, the man was interested with Kayla's obsession with hacking and apologized for his rudeness, unaware of Kayla's ripe age (well, as for the age, the guy DID see it on one of Kayla's profiles, but couldn't believe that such a young girl was capable of wreaking such havoc, thinking that her age was much older for such a pro hacker). He then told Kayla that he managed to discover her personal info from her accounts online. After the meeting, Kayla erased every single piece of evidence of her and her family and researching on the Internet in an attempt to stay completely invisible online; untracable. Needless to say, she succeeded.

She was quite a resourceful hacker since then (after her successful attempt to erase her personal information from the Web, it seems). She became some kind of teacher for hackers, being the mentor of some Anonymous hackers, who she used for her and/Anonymous's hacking jobs. She was known for her and her hacking team's assault on several servers and websites opposing and abusing the people on the web, such as her attack on one website named "" (which was a massive success; they managed to get access to many email addresses, encrypted passwords, usernames, the lot. They even managed to gain access to the server owner's private account, which made the hackers develop the idea of griefing it a bit). However, she was also hoodwinked once.

She joined forces with a WikiLeaks administrator "q", who offered her help with WikiLeaks issues. He seemed like a good man, until he turned on WikiLeaks and the hackers, snatching $60.000 from WikiLeaks (God knows how). He then somehow disappeared.with no trace.

However, this wasn't all that q did. He also secretly leaked Kayla's personal details, her greatest fear. What will happen next? Will Kayla get busted? Arrested? Well, we'll find out next time!  Bye for now!

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