Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 6

Hello and welcome back to more We Are Anonymous summaries, and today we are going to learn more about Anonymous and its history. Today we're going to learn about more people who joined Anonymous. Some married and already had children, while others were just fans of Anonymous's vigilante justice. This is the story of two eager "wannabe" Anonymous hackers and their journey into the organization.

The story opens with Jennifer Emick, another ex-Church of Scientology member (the 2nd one ever since that Patty girl back in the start of chapter 5) who, after a harrowing experience with the Church back when she was a member, was convinced that the Church was evil. She soon joined the party of protestors that were rooting for the downfall of the Church. It took a while for Emick to join the protestors, but in time, after realizing the Church's evil antics, She became a full-time member of the activists.

Another unlikely member of Anonymous was an ex-military guy named Wesley Bailey who used to disapprove of Anonymous's cruel ways. The shocking images posted on their website, their wild creativity and most disturbing of all, the free speech full of horrible comments from the people in Anonymous. However, he eventually realized that Anonymous was more than merely just a mean community full of dark troublemakers. He was a big fan of vigilante justice, and believed that there was power in Anonymous that could help him in his pursuit of new pranks and online harassment, which Bailey was actually quite a fan of.

However, it turned out that Anonymous was more violent than the two of the wannabe hackers could have anticipated. Emick disapproved of Anonymous's evil ways, saying that they were acting like bullies on the Internet, trolling and "owning" everyone they can. As she was being quite a disobedient member of Anonymous, the Anons (short for "Anonymous members") dubbed her as a threat and sent the cops and the FBI to her house, telling them that Emick was an Anon.

Realizing Anonymous was classifying her as a threat, Emick and her family moved to Michigan before the authorities managed to apprehend her, leaving Anonymous with one informant on the run. Before they knew it, Emick was training herself to be one of the most skilled hackers in the world in order to prepare herself for the ultimate moment: To out-hack Anonymous and tear them apart before they could cause more damage to the world.

Meanwhile, Bailey was in a conflict with his family. He was secretly yearning to be female after a small conversation he had with a transgendered woman after leaving the army. The transgender was beautiful and confident (at least to Bailey) and Bailey attempted to change his gender as well to share feelings for his dream girl (or dream "girl-boy", come to think of it) by purchasing a few doses of special pills designed to alter genders. However, Bailey didn't realize the power of the pills, which turned him into a female. Shocked of his transformation and confused of what to do next, he and his wife decided to divorce (if that is the right way to say it) and go their separate ways.

Bailey (now a female) decided to go join Anonymous, which he viewed as his final place to relieve himself of all the troubles he got into. He was met by Kayla (after a rough greeting of "Who the #^&% is this?"), who helped Bailey discuss about how he turned transgender in the first place and amazingly, Kayla knew more about the pills that Bailey took more than its user. Soon the two became close friends and kept in touch, making Bailey an official member of Anonymous.

Innocent computer users turned strict anti-hackers for the law and a transgendered man trying to find peace in the hacking world. I wonder, what will come next? Well, guess we'll have to wait. Until then, I'll be right here, reading more about Anonymous. Peace out!

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