Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Shining Synopsis Chapter 2

Hey guys, I am BACK! Back with more "The Shining", that is. So far it's got quite a good beginning, and the story is already building up. We now already know quite a big deal about the main character now, and the chapter you're about to read about will give a bit more insight to the characters. So let's get this synopsis going already!

In chapter 2, more of Jack Torrance's dark history is unveiled. In a conversation between his wife and his son, Jack loses his temper sometimes, and this beastly temper of his has led him into numerous sticky situations. In one occasion, he was the leader of a school's debate team. He cut off a member of the debate team named George Hatfield, who wasn't exactly the best debater in the team. George thought that Jack cut him off the team because of Jack's hatred toward him and not because of the lack of skill.

In revenge, George decided to sneak to the Torrances' home and slash the tires of their bug (you know, that kind of offroad vehicle). Unfortunately for George, Jack caught the criminal in the act. He hit the vandal, and George hit him back. After the school heard about what happened, George was kicked out of the school and so was Jack. Another case of Jack's temper is mentioned in this chapter about Danny (Jack's son) with his "arm in a cast". However, nothing else is told about this case.

After reading this chapter, you can tell that Jack's temper can get a bit out of hand, which has led him into a few issues with his family and other people. Unfortunately, this chapter is quite short and nothing else significant is mentioned (unless you count one incident where Jack accidently swears in front of his son, and NO, I am not going to tell you what word that was ).

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