Sunday, March 30, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 9

Hello and good news everyone! Today I've still got a little bit of time to spare for another summary for today. That's the good news, mnd. The BAD news is that this chapter focuses on the bio of yet ANOTHER hacker in Anonymous ("groan... this is the third time he's done this...", I can hear you say). Don't panic or worry, however. This is the story of a new hacker whose backstory wasn't as bright as his fellow griefers. So hold on tight, this story will be a gripping one...

"Sabu" was an Anon that wasn't exactly the latest game in the computer store. He wasn't interested in petty cyber-crimes other hackers did (harass hackers, picked on pedophiles, basically online troublemakers). He was an old-school dude whose true interest was being an online "hero" by opposing authorities and screwing up the rules of the Web. In fact, one of his favorite activities on the Internet was invading Internet service providers (ISPs for short) and taking bigwigs on the internet head on.

Sabu's real name was Hector Xavier Monsegur, and he was raised in a poor family with a very unstable condition to be stuck in. His family was forced to sell drugs for cash (or at least his father and aunt did) and couldn't get good internet connection for their poor Monsegur, who was yearning for the chance to be a hacker. His obsession with hacking has made Monsegur what he is today; one of the best workers in what coud be presumed as the best and most well-known organizations in the world.

However, his obsession of hacking had occasionally got him in trouble. For instance, in his school he once brought a screwdriver to the place. The metal detector at the entrance of the building easily discovered the item, forcing the security guard enforcing the entrance to confiscate the screwdriver, which eventually led to a chain reaction of events (involving Monsegur's lies that the screwdriver was to fix a computer) that ended up in Monsegur's temporary "expulsion" from the school. He was then dubbed "mental" and was advised to visit a psychologist (coincidentally, as if in response to these acts, Monsegur dropped out of high school by 9th grade for unknown reasons).

After discovering hactivism, Monsegur, after all he had seen in his life (drug dealing, his family living in desperation, stuff like that), decided to use hacking for good. He formed his own tight-kight hacking group named "Hackweiser", and together they'd help other people with their credit ratings, fix their internet connections, the like.

Soon, Monsegur's grandmother died. His grandmother, who had stayed with him since he was 14, who cared for and raised him. After getting a bit pent up with rage, he decided to avenge his granny by joining Anonymous as Sabu (and this was the same time that Anonymous assaulted PayPal for not supporting WikiLeaks). Along with his alliance with Anonymous, he decided to compensate the damage he'd done on his little "rage tour" during his grandmother's mourning.

Sabu's country, Puerto Rico, was used as a "rage absorber" for Sabu's rage, was pretty hurt by Sabu's anger during his granny's mourning and Sabu decided to make it up to them by dispatching Tunisia's servers (the two countries were at war back then) with his hacking capabilities. Amazingly, Sabu managed to single-handedly take down the servers, and was even capable of defacing the website of Tunisia's prime minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi. The outcome of the attack was astounding: Tunisia's prime minister resigned and its president Ben Ali stepped down.

With such skill and potential, Sabu then proceeded to dispatch Nigerian sites, hack into Zimbabwean mail for evidence of corruption, things like that. At this rate, he was insulting the Middle East at light speed. But will his skills match the ninja at the next chapter? Until next time,people!

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