Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Hunger Games Chapter 6

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my blog has been UPDATED! More summaries about The Hunger Games have been added to my blog and so far we are up to chapter 6, where Katniss and Peeta are starting to get a bit of time together. These two tributes, who are about to be locked inside a massive arena with other psychopaths (I mean, tributes) who, in the end, will initiate a gory fight to the death with only ONE VICTOR (that means only one guy/girl will be alive, leaving the other tribute in the same district a corpse). It also discusses District 12's strategies to stand a chance in the Games. You know what? Before I start ruining the story, let's just start it already.

First of all, Katniss stops to admire the wealth of the Capitol. She describes to "us" about how everything in the place can be instantly activated at the press of a button, and there are so many of them (the buttons, that is) that she doesn't have time to press them all and see what they do. The shower panel alone has so many options for water temperature, body and hair washing, the lot. After all these posh washing gadgets, the advanced technology doesn't end there. Even the dressing closet can be programmed to decide what kind of clothes you want to wear. Man, the technology in this book.

After even MORE techie stuff with the dining room (including a mouthpiece you can use to whisper orders from a menu and the food will be slipped out of said mouthpiece), the district's ambassadors talk about a girl named Delly Cartwright, an Avox (apparently this is the posh word in the book for "traitor") who got her tongue cut off for some heinous crime. Not much else is really told about her, making her a bit of a shady character (well, at least not yet. Later in the chapter she is mentioned, but we haven't got to that part yet), although it did ring a bell for Katniss. Her story will be revealed later.

After dinner, Katniss and Peeta have a bit of alone time together on the roof of their building. The two tributes glance into the night sky, looking at the Capitol, a massive land of lights resembling a swarm of fireflies. An opportunity like this didn't come so often in District 12, where the electricity would go on and off all the time. The only time the two tributes could fully exploit (I mean, use) electricity was when there was something absolutely vital to watch, such as the Games or some bogus government message. But here, they could count on it to stay bright.

This is the time when Katniss tells her fellow tribute the story about the Avox. She (the Avox, that is) was still a very young soul when Katniss found her wandering around in the woods. At first, they just glanced at each other, like most strangers would do. Suddenly, a Capitol hovercraft, which appeared out of nowhere, quickly abducted (well, that's a bit too alien-ish. Why not replace that word with "snatch"?) the child. Katniss could have saved her, but she was a bit dazzled by the suddenly appearing craft (well, wouldn't you if suddenly this huge vehicle just popped out of nowhere?), letting the child get seized by the hovercraft's riders and taken away to God knows where. Katniss still feels guilty over the incident and wonders if the child will still remember her.

So from this chapter, we can tell that Katniss is pretty impressed by the Capitol's technology, which are all at its user's disposal just at a click of a button. She and Peeta also realized that they cared for each other (regardless of the stuff they're going to have to get through) and that Katniss is quite a caring girl underneath that tough hunter's skin. We also discover that Peeta isn't one to hold grudges (although he is going to have to kill this girl that he just sat on a roof with), especially with those closest to him, despite what's going to happen.

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