Sunday, March 23, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 3

Hey people,and today I have returned with more summaries of We Are Anonymous. In today's  summary, we are going to plunge into the life of yet ANOTHER hacker in Anonymous dubbed “Topiary”. He is one hacker in Anonymous that has been revealed to be quite a popular guy, liked by a lot of people, and just so suddenly... Became Anonymous. Here's his story.

Jake was a rare person with a gift as a child. When he was still a small youngster, he enjoyed watching TV math game shows like Countdown compared to cartoons. When he was still 2, he was so obsessed in numbers that his favorite device was a calculator, which would just be fiddled around with for pure entertaainment.

Unfortunately for Jake, he was only 6 when his family decided to move from England to a remote island in Scotland. His dad and mom came into conflict and decided to part ways, leaving the dad in God Knows Where and the mom and her kids in that remote island in Scotland mentioned a few sentences ago. Life on the island wasn't really that hard, and the local fishermen and farmers were quite friendly to outsiders, giving them leftover food from their sales in the market. In fact, the Davis family had 3 fridges jam-packed with fish and meat.

Then again, there are also downsides to living in a remote island in Scotland. Like the school. Most people in Jake's school didn't really take kindly to outsiders. This made school a living hell for poor Jake, who tried his best to make school a tad better, without much success. To make matters even worse, Jake's step-dad died in an accident, and by some freaky coincidence, he was the owner of the Davis' house, and soon they had to move out of the house and move into a small wooden house. For a 13-year old kid, this was quite hard for Jake.

Due to all the pressure, Jake decided to take out all his stress by socializing via social media and online games like RuneScape. However, over time he decided to turn to mischievous antics thanks to encouragements from his friends. After his first smash-hit prank call to Walmart asking for a “fish-shaped RC helicopter, his friends loved him and started asking for even more of his crazy calls. Over time he was so skilled in prank calls that he even created a website named Tiny Chat.

Soon Jake became the mastermind of various raids on popular websites. For example, he helped grief a website hosting a game called Habbo, an open-world game where you traveled around a hotel, talking to random people. Before long, a party of troublemakers decided to enter Habbo en masse, blocking the hotel's swimming pool, telling other players that it was “closed due to AIDS”. And if anyone DID manage to break into the swimming pool, they would see a full-scale party with disco dancers running the show.

Finally, he was one of the hackers who used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as a communication device for hackers to plot their next cyber-attack. In IRC chats, they'd also make up their own chat lingo (that we all know today as ROTFL (Roll On The Floor Laughing), LOL (Laugh Out Loud), etc). IRC was also the thing that turned Anonymous from a disbanded group of hackers into an organized group of hackers that would work together in an attack in unison.

So there you go; the story of another hacker that has helped Anonymous come together. In the next chapter is the story a female hacker in Anonymous.  Will she be an amateur hacker or professional hacker? We'll find out in the next chapter!

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