Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Shining Synopsis Chapter 3

Hello people! I'm back, which means more "The Shining" is back as well! Unfortunately, this being a horror book, we haven't got to the scary part yet. We're still at the introductions. And you know what that means; No intensifying bits, no scary stuff, no fun (at least not yet). But the introduction will "shine" (geddit? "shine", and the book's name is "The Shining") some light on the story and its characters. So what are we waiting for? Let's get down to it already!

In chapter 3, on Jack's trip through the underground rooms, more history is revealed about Jack and Danny Torrance. This chapter is about Jack's job areas. This covers the boiler room, which is full of many different contraptions fit for running the hotel, such as a furnace, a boiler, etc. Watson also expresses his feelings about the hotel's grave condition. He says that he's gone down with a cold, the Overlook keeps getting searched by the FBI and the CIA, but the most interesting thing about the trip was that Watson gave a bit more enlightenment about the previous caretaker of the Overlook (the one who commited suicide).

The Overlook also seemed to have a bit of a suspicious history when it comes to ghosts. The Overlook's first caretaker wasn't the only guy to have gone a bit insane and got himself killed. Another case also involved an old lady apparently "fasting". After this small fasting trip, she took a few ten sleeping pills and alcoholic drinks, leading to a gruesome death. You can already tell something's up with this hotel.

In this chapter, another one of Jack's incidents with his son is also mentioned. This time, it happened when Danny was still a very young 3-year old kid. After accidentally spilling a can of beer on his father's papers, Jack was so enraged at this act of "accidental destruction" (if there is such a thing) that he broke his poor son's arm. After the incident, he could still remember the face of his wife, the look on Danny's poor mug, and the fears of what might have happened because of this event.

After reading this chapter, we can tell that the Overlook will be a potential source of trouble, already full of many suspicious activities. Jack is also hinted as a bit of a guy in the need of some anger management. With this temper and his job, the hotel would possibly turn him into a man full of psychotic activity, putting all the members of his family on the line. But fortunately, this is just a hotel in the middle of nowhere, with a dark history, and some unknown force turning a few of its employees and visitors into psychotic, insane guys in need of some psychology! Honestly, how bad can this job get?

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