Monday, July 29, 2013

The True Face of Evil

When I mention the word "evil", what pops into your head first? Is it a big, evil demon that is hell-bent on destroying humanity? Or is it disguised as a temptation to tease your boss and get you into trouble? In popular media, "evil" is a big devil bent on destroying the humans, who they despise. But in real life, evil mostly goes into hiding on Earth as (almost) irresistable temptations. The devils we despise are disguised as money, video games, and other manipulating devices. Mostly humans fall for this, and fall into the hands of sin, and evil makes a laughingstock out of their victims. Yes, demons really are tricksters, and they can even be disguised as seemingly harmless entities, but can slowly manipulate us before we realize they are bad influences. Now that's the true face of evil.

One unique form of evil is (drumroll, please) a lucky charm. Yes, the small little thing you carry around in your suit and gives you good luck is actually possessed by a demon. If your lucky charm has given you good luck, that means you are trusting a devil. (No offense to anyone wearing a lucky charm out there, but according to religious beliefs, this is actually true) That's the reason why I don't wear lucky charms. I'm too afraid that people will think I'm part of the Illuminati or something.

I hope that this post will help you readers out there understand what evil truly looks like. (Once again, no offense on the lucky charm thing) Feel free to check my other posts on religion if you desire.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Evolution VS Creation

Ever since the discovery of old fossils of primitive humans, people started to stop believing in the Holy Bible and started to believe in Charles Darwin and his book of old fossils that may have been our ancestors. According to the Holy Bible, the first sign of human existence started when God created Adam and Eve. Now to this day, people are still arguing about which side is more accurate: Evolution (Charles Darwin and his book of old fossils that may have been our ancestors) or Creation (God, the Holy Bible and Adam and Eve)?

In theory, Evolution may be more historically correct compared to Creation, but I have a crazy belief of my own: Maybe the truth is a crazy combination between Creation and Evolution. Here's my theory: (it may sound a bit insane, but here goes...)

My belief of the human ancestors are like this: Maybe it was true that God may have created Adam and Eve, but in the Holy Bible it didn't say that they were Homo Sapiens just like modern humans, maybe they were part of the Australopethicus family, or the Neanderthals or some other primitive human ancestor. Over time, maybe Adam and Eve's heir evolved into more intelligent, advanced humans.

Now if you were wondering, "Jason, what about all those primitive animal fossils that may have possibly co-existed with Adam and Eve?". Well, possibly animals such as the Diatryma and the Andrewsarchus DID co-exist with our ancestors, although the Holy Bible suggests otherwise. But there you go: my insane theory about evolution.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Humans have always been hoping of life in outer space. (For those of you who don't know,organisms that live in outer space are also known as 'aliens', which most of you readers should know) We're hoping that somewhere out there, we are not the only planet with intelligent life on it. Honestly, if you ask me, I'm totally OK with the existence of alien life out there, as long as they're not hostile. But I guess if there ARE aliens out roaming in the universe, I hope we don't provoke them in any way, because the last thing that I want to see is a legion of UFOs (for those of you who don't know, UFO is short for Unidentified Flying Object, but I suppose this is already familiar to you) soaring above the clouds carrying weapons that only God knows what they could do.

The first thing I know about aliens are that most of them (I said most of them because we don't know about other aliens...yet) are (slightly or totally) have more advanced technology than us humans. To prove this, take a look at the Roswell (which, by the way, is in New Mexico) incident. (Don't ask me about the details; I hardly know any) Let's make a small summary, OK? Here goes: UFO crashes, aliens aboard dead, big investigation by the humans, proof of alien existence. End of story. Apparently, the UFO that crashed was gigantic, and obviously some horribly high tech was required to construct it. The authorities managed to seize some alien corpses, and quite surprisingly, these aliens looked horribly alike to humans. (minus the bald head and the extremely pale skin and the over-sized eyes) However, some people deny that the Roswell aliens were genuine, and say that the whole thing was a hoax (Honestly, I don't think it's a hoax, I mean, how do you fake a GIANT FREAKING SPACESHIP crashing onto Mexican ground and forge all the crew inside it? Come to think of it, HOW DO THEY EVEN MAKE THE UFO??!!!)

Just in case any of you are wondering about other convenient places for alien life to land on Earth, I suggest you start checking out Area 51, a decommissioned military camp in the USA. Most alien sightings have been reported there. Other places to look are barren places on Earth, such as the countryside, the suburbs, and probably some isolated rest areas on the Nevada highway. Why, you would wonder, I said barren and isolated places? Because I also heard a story about an American family who lived in in a farm, and one night they got assaulted by aliens. They survived and lived to tell the tale, but there were no witnesses other than the family that got attacked. They described the aliens as frightening creatures that were immune to gunfire, and looked liked over-sized, wingless bats with long ears, teeth of a shark, and white skin. But some people believe that the American family made the story up to get popular and get money. So anyway, isolated and barren areas are convenient places to look for alien life.

This post was directed mainly at helping its readers know more about alien life, and I hope, after reading this post, you will know more about them.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Have any of you ever thought what it was like to live life on the run, a dangerous outlaw with a price on his head so big he could not get into a civilized town without attracting attention? Most people live on the run because they're framed of a crime, done an illegal act, and many other reasons. Life as an outlaw is very difficult, because you must not attract any unnecessary attention or the cops will be instantly on you. If you're a ruthless terrorist, it will be much easier to get the authorities on you. Here's a small guide to an outlaw's life. (I haven't done any research on the topic yet, so this is life as an outlaw only as far as I know it)

1. Outlaws choose a good hideout
The first thing an outlaw will do is find a good place to lay low. Good places outlaws use as their hideout are (this bit may sound a bit like the hideouts in comics they talk about, so forgive me if it sounds a bit insane) isolated and remote places, possibly in an uncharted island, or underground. But most terrorists decide to change hideouts now and then or possibly just 'blend in' with the community around them. If their hideout's compromised, THEN they relocate.

2. Outlaws don't call attention
Another VERY IMPORTANT thing an outlaw must ALWAYS remember (note the CAPS-LOCK in 'very important' and 'always') that they must live their lives undercover and out of sight of authorities. If they get captured by the police or the SWAT or the FBI or any other do-good agency, they might get the DEATH sentence, the VERY LONG prison sentence, or prison sentence for LIFE. If the outlaw attracts police attention, well, unless he has an escape plan, he might be able to live free another day. If he DOESN'T have an escape plan, well, he'll have to make it up as he goes along.

3. Outlaws find survival supplies cleverly
Last but not least, an outlaw must be smart because he must live his ENTIRE LIFE undercover, and still has to survive. But this bit won't be too hard as long as the outlaw does it carefully. (e.g. what I mean by 'easy' is not doing anything stupid while purchasing the supplies, like shout or cheer, well, you get the idea, right?) If the said outlaw is a global-scale terrorist, it might be significantly harder for him to find supplies, as people will recognize him immediately and if the outlaw has a price on his head, a person near him will probably instantly snatch him and bring him to the nearest police station.

I hope this post will be helpful to some people, such as the authorities and other people who need help catching criminals. This post is not meant to be help to terrorists and criminals out there, in fact the contrary. Once again, I hope I do not provoke anyone with this post and it will be used in good hands.
The perfect hideout

Saturday, July 20, 2013


I've been noticing that humans have millions of wishes, and when any of these wishes come true, we continue seeking other new wishes. Say, a guy wanted 'Battlefield 3' for his birthday. When this day finally came, he thanked God. He played it until he was done with the campaign and all the bonus missions and all the Easter Eggs and stuff like that. Soon the guy got bored and the next thing you know, he's praying to God so he could have 'Call of Duty Black Ops 2' on Christmas, and when THAT wish came true, he'd play it for a few more months and he would wish for the latest 'Assassin's Creed' and the cycle will go on and on until he either passed away or stopped playing video games.

All of us have unlimited wishes, and that has improved and degraded the human race. First, let me start with the good side of our unlimited wishes. Our never-ending need of luxury has led us to improve our technology. How? Well, remember the old days, when our primitive neanderthal ancestors discovered FIRE? Fire was one of the best discoveries made by us. It could be used as a weapon of destruction, a light source, and as a vital cooking device. But the human's need of luxury improved us. If it weren't for our strange never-ending hunger, we would be stuck back at the Stone Age. Soon over time we discovered new, strange and helpful devices that made our lives better, such as electricity, the telephone, the light bulb, and other life-changing items. All this thanks to our eternal yearning of luxury. So it's a gift. But this hunger has a bad side too, as I'm about to tell you.

Unlimited wishes have also corrupted this beautiful human planet. Petty criminals can turn global terrorists with their evil wishes. Imagine if one day, in the rather impossible event that someone ruled Earth, he might get bored of ruling the same old familiar planet and turn his invasion up a notch and try to (if it's possible) rule other planets. If he succeeds in executing THAT, (God forbid) he might plan on conquering entire galaxies (call me insane if you like, because this may be pretty much impossible) and eventually, THE UNIVERSE!!! (evil laughter) Anyway, I think I should stop fantasizing and start to focus on the real world.

So that's human yearning for you. Just like all those other things I put in my previous posts, it might improve or shatter the human race. Just like in my previous posts, I leave you my regular message: Think about it. Having unlimited wishes are not illegal (so that's okay then, you can buy as many stuff as you want), but when your wishes reach a global scale, watch your step.
"All right! Thank you for that huge pile of money! Now I w
ant... MORE!"

Monday, July 15, 2013

True Justice

Don't we humans always wonder what real justice is? Different people have different opinions. Some people, such as the police, believe that true justice is arresting a criminal and putting them behind bars. Some other people believe that true justice is killing the criminal on the spot. God's belief of justice follows the police. But truly, which one is better? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of justice, the Police Way or the Vigilante Way.

Using the Police Way is recommended more. One, you don't have to commit a sin by killing the evil person using the Police Way. You only have to put him in prison. But the disadvantages of the Police Way of Justice is that in the rare event that the evildoer escapes from his prison, he will most likely seek out the person who put him in jail in the first place. When the escaped convict has eventually met the person who put him in jail, the felon will do horrible things to the do-good person, probably kill the person.

Using the Vigilante Way is much safer when you don't want to be haunted by the criminal later on, but is much harder to do than the Police Way. You will have to kill the criminal, and killing people is one of the hardest things to do when the person holding the gun is not cold-hearted. Kind and virtuous people have doubts when it comes to pulling the trigger. Not only that: Even if you actually manage to kill the criminal, you will also have to cover up your tracks, so the criminal's murder cannot be traced back to you. You risk being on a wanted list for murder, and as far as I know only police forces and SWAT teams have the authorization to take down criminals. So although the Vigilante Way makes sure that the criminal doesn't haunt you later, it might replace the criminal with police forces, the FBI, and at worst, maybe the army.

So in the rare case any of you reading this are cops or anti-criminal specialist agents, I recommend you guys to go for the Police Way (maybe you already know this because your superiors recommend you arrest the criminal instead of kill him, but as for the army guys reading this out there, your superiors probably authorize you to use deadly force, but I don't know), but it's for your own good. I hope this post will help you just in case you meet any deadly outlaws and you know how to dispatch them in the best way.
Vigilante or Police? Your choice!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


On this planet, there are just some things we can't control yet. These things are not supposed to be used with abuse, they're supposed to be used as useful resources, not war weapons. Unfortunately, although human leaders know this, sometimes they defy the rules and try to use it for their own ends.

One example of these uncontrollable things that people use in battle is nuclear energy. It was supposed to be used as a new, powerful resource of energy that might be better than fossil fuels or natural gas, but ever since Einstein made the famous equation of 'e=mc2', the world now knew that nuclear energy can be used as a much more powerful war machine than any other in its time: the nuclear warhead, or the nuke. It was used by the USA to annihilate Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then used in the Cold War to show off power, and now used by North Korea to threaten the USA. A single nuke can decimate an entire city, so it's also no wonder that scientists predict that nuclear war will cause the apocalypse.

Another thing that humans can't learn to control yet is time travel. Of course, humans haven't known how to make time travel possible, and I think it'd better stay that way. Imagine, if time travel was accessible, then humans would recklessly travel through time, carelessly changing the course of history with dire consequences. In time travel, you must be really careful of what you do, because if you change a tiny, seemingly insignificant thing, it might result in the course of history being changed forever and might even result in our extinction. I won't torture you with all the physics and rules about time travel, but if time travel fell into the hands of terrorists, God knows what might happen to us. They might go back in time to rule different eras, and change our fates. In short, it might not be wise to have the power over time travel.

There are a million other things we should not abuse out there, and we should use it wisely or not use it at all. Next time you stumble upon a nuclear canister, or a time machine, think about it. Either use it wisely or don't use it at all. It might cause in horrible endings and stuff like that. I hope you understand the seriousness of this. Think about it.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How To Spend Your Adulthood

I've always been confused on how to spend my later years as a grown-up. I've wondered what job I would get, if I should be an author or a philospher or what. One thing I have doubts about is my education. I haven't exactly been the teacher's pet in the class. I only know a few subjects I'm good at, like language arts, some math, some science, and a bit of art. Other than that, I 'm very bad. Due to my outstanding skill at writing, my parents have considered putting me in journalism when I get to college (college, high school, I don't really remember when you get classes like economy and journalism and stuff like that). Sounds like quite a good idea, because I usually astound people with my writing skills. So the career I'm looking forward to most is being a writer. A famous one, mind, so I would be famous worldwide and the money will start pouring in all by itself (I wish).

Another job I've considered to take is as an advertisement creator. Why? Well, not to praise myself too much, but my ideas are quite amazing if you draw it on a piece of paper, and I can turn seemingly drab events into quite creative, exciting and new happenings. Such as turning something boring like filling in for a job into a war of life and death.  So I'm highly expecting my future occupation to probably be an advertiser.

I've also thought about being a psychologist, because I usually make friends with other shunned people in a community. I do what I can to make them happy, and that works most of the time. I haven't actually done anything noticeable to other people that might prompt them to tell me to be a psychologist when I grow up, but I've helped other people calm down when they are in times of trouble, so I might think about this job so I might get a shot at it when I grow up.

So many choices, so little time. Adulthood is just around a decade away, so I've got plenty of time to choose. But once I've decided what my permanent job will be when I grow up, I've got to focus on building it up so I'll be fully prepared for it in the future. Wish me luck!
Psychologist? Author? Advertisement creator? Still deciding...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


In this life, there are millions of things you cannot miss out on or overdose. You must have just the right amount of it or suffer the consequences. Such as food, water, and millions of other things. But these things, even though they're vital for life, you must not overdose it.

Today we're going to discuss about a thing in life that is only good in normal amounts, but have drove people insane if they have too much. I'm talking about power. People have possessed huge amounts of power and most of them, because of power, ends up getting "cracked" in the head. Then they abuse their power and gets hell-bent on world domination and stuff like that (I'm talking about actual rulers, not mental hospital patients, mind).

One good example of a powerful, a bit insane, and evil terrorist who has been driven mad by power is Osama bin Laden. He is the so-called "leader" of the "Muslims".

Bin Laden abuses this power by doing what HE thinks is right. He recruited anonymous Muslim martyrs determined to do anything for their sweet religion. Bin Laden's idea of "Muslim" acts are crashing planes to the Twin Towers in the USA. He also leads a legion of extremists that he misguides into assaulting the States. As you can see, the power has really gone to his head. Eventually he got assassinated by a group of Navy SEALs.

A good example of a to-be power-mad ruler is North Korea's insane leader, Kim Jong-un. Being the youngest person to handle nuclear power, he is the leader of North Korea’s National Defence Commission and will be able to call off the nuclear warhead barrage on the United States anytime. Because of his awesome power, it's all up to him to start the fireworks. If the power of nuclear weapons gets to his head too much, he will create a holocaust and start a rivalry between the States and North Korea. So hopefully Kim keeps his head on and acts wisely or start an act of aggression to the States.

So there. Power: you can't live without any of it and you'll become hated with too much of it. So be careful of what you do with your power, or you might end up getting hated for it. Hopefully for those of you who read this will know the seriousness of this.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Human Problems

Ever since the creation of Adam and Eve, God has high standards for us humans to behave. But are humans really the kind of perfect race created in God's image? Humans haven't really been living up to God's expectations ever since Adam and Eve bit the fruit from the "Tree of Knowledge". Plus, humans are always screwing up around God, so the expression "Made in God's image" is starting to fade.

No offense to God, but I suppose He isn't too clean when it comes to himself. In my religion studies, my teacher said that for some unknown reason, God was the one who allowed the demons and evil beings down to Earth to annoy and harass us humans. I think God wants to test our skill in resisting temptation, but he should remember, if we sin, he's only got himself to blame. After all, he's the one who let evil loose in the first place.

Just like I said before, I imagine that God unleashed evil upon the Earth in an attempt to see which humans are the strongest and solid and who would fall apart in the face of sin. If it's true, well, mission accomplished.

Whenever I think about this topic in my mind, I also try to imagine what the afterlife would be like. As all people know, there are two "kingdoms": Heaven and Hell. Heaven for all the people who have done more good than bad acts in their life, Hell the opposite. I imagine that there are giant gates leading members into each kingdom. Each kingdom would be side by side, with the gates separating the two kingdoms from each other. In the middle of Heaven and Hell would be Saint Peter, an ex-disciple of Jesus now turned Judge of God. He will decide if you deserved to go to Heaven or Hell.

But one thing bothers me about the God's rules: We cannot break the law even if it's for the greater good. For example: Have you ever heard about "white lies"? For those of you who don't know, "white lies" are lies done to a person that will benefit another. For example: Being a spy for the CIA, lying to criminals so they can get caught in a police trap, et cetera. Not only that: You also cannot kill anyone, even though that guy is Osama Bin Laden (who, by the way, got killed by the USA, and that's still a sin). For you may not kill, it's in the Ten Commandments.

I hope that this post will help you in any way later on if you need it. thank you.

The Strict and the Soft

Today, after going to the church, I was curious about how we use God's way in our lives. So today I have decided to write about how God would like us humans to behave.

The Holy Bible is divided into two sections. The Old and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, God shows His awesome powers to all the humans who believe in Him. In the Old Testament, if you were a follower of God and disobeyed His rules, you will receive the consequences. Examples of God "Old Testament" style is like when He parted the Red Sea in half, Set Elijah's (a prophet) offering to God on fire, and sent the Great Flood to the whole world during the event of Noah's Ark. In the Old Testament, God would punish all who disobeyed Him, which was good because it kept the humans ordered and civilized. Unfortunately, ruling people by making them follow the rules or receive the punishments meant that humans had no freedom and a bit rebellious, which is bad.

In the New Testament, God takes a completely different approach. The New Testament takes place at roughly 0 AD (Anno Domini), precisely when Jesus was born.

In the New Testament, Jesus is a physical manifestation of God (or to put it into more understandable terms, Jesus is "God on Earth"). While He was on Earth (Israel, to be more precise), He did lots of miracles and was hugely popular throughout Europe (namely Israel and Rome). He was hugely admired by most people, but as there are "likes" on YouTube videos, there are "dislikes" as well. So eventually the Romans crucified Jesus because they were afraid Jesus was going to be the "Great Ruler of the World" or something like that (don't ask me why).

Anyway, in the New Testament, Jesus lets humans have free will and make their own decisions. This is good because it makes people develop self-independence (which means you can follow the rules willfully) but since there is no warden to watch over them, humans also have the free will to do illegal stuff.

So right now humans are still deciding how they're going to live: Through the Old or New Testament. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But for sure, either way we still have to obey the law, like it or not. So we must choose now. Choose which one helps you obey the rules more. I hope that through this post you will have a better guide to your way of living. Thank you.