Friday, March 21, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 2

Hey people, and we are back with MORE We Are Anonymous summaries! In today's summary, we are going to learn about a day in the life of a hacker in Anonymous. Before I start messing up details about the story, let's just get right to it!

The chapter opens with the explanation of a very popular anime website named 2chan. This website (aided by its very similar bootleg website named 4chan) was the reason behind Aaron Barr (read chapter 1 if you think you forgot/don't know this guy) and his encounter with Anonymous. Here's how all this crap about Anonymous's attack on the security company (chapter 1, if you remember) happened in the first place:

One day, there was a 14-year old kid named Christopher Poole who found out about 2chan, that anime website mentioned in the previous paragraph. Since, he, like (almost) all the teenagers his age loved anime, he decided to make a translated version of 2chan named 4chan (that bootleg anime website I said earlier) so the anime website (that was formerly typed in Japanese) could be read by his fellow teenagers who, like Poole, were all also anime fans.

Over time, 4chan slowly turned into a nest of Anonymous members, and most users of the web claim to have discovered about Anonymous through 4chan. And as luck would have it, one Anonymous member named William decided to use this website for his own ends. William was a young cyber-terrorist (that's "griefer" for you Minecraft players out there) who enjoyed inflicting sorrow in the hearts of unknown strangers. Well, who could blame him? At his early 20s, he has never managed to get a full time job and prefers to lock himself in his room to find a bit of peace.

In no time at all, William had managed to transform 4chan from an innocent anime website into an internet addict's paradise full of porn, gore, shocking images, the lot. He'd even terrorize his friends, family and relatives. Ruining other people's lives gave him happiness and kept his thoughts about suicide and the outside world at bay. To him, 4chan was like coke to a drug addict. Griefing kept him alive, and was the only thing standing in his way between him and suicide.

If you were wondering why all this adulterated stuff on 4chan didn't bother him, it's because William has already been exposed to the adult world at a very ripe age. For one, he was first exposed to porn when he was eleven, and until today he hasn't stopped his adult antics. Occasionally he'd go online to hack into people's webcams and catch them in some embarrassing moments (some I don't even need to mention). He was also the mastermind behind a lot of coded messages on 4chan that has lured some innocent kids into the adult world.

However, William has also been confirmed as some type of blackmailer who has forced many people (many close ones) to hand over their private information, their photos (most of them inappropriate) quite easily. If he found an account he desired to raid, he would hack into said person's web account and inform them about it. The victim would freak out, and William would say that now that the victim's account was vulnerable and is suspectible to more hacking from other people.

After the person asked what could be done in order for the hacking to stop, William would say  that the person would have to divulge the info of his/her web accounts to William. Afterwards, William would keep the victim's account under wraps. The victim, trying to hide his/her account ASAP, would quickly spill the beans. And as promised, William would help make the leaked accout look like it never happened plus a few tips for web safety.

So apparently life as an Anonymous hacker is quite entertaining, but WILL require a cold heart and no remorse. Not a job I'd like to take...

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