Friday, March 14, 2014

The Hunger Games Synopsis Chapter 4

Hello guys, and welcome back to EVEN MORE Hunger Games summaries. In this chapter, Katniss decides to give a bit more thought about the games. She also has doubts about Peeta, who she's pretty sure will attempt to kill her when the Games start. She also worries about her home, what will happen while she is away competing in the Games. You know what? I'll stop talking right now and just tell you the summary of the chapter.

First Katniss noticed Peeta as the "kind but deadly" type of tribute, who would possibly be overlooked as easy prey, with that kind face and all. Katniss decided to play it safe and try not to underestimate Peeta. So what did she do? Well, to start with, she threw away a package of cookies that she received from Peeta's father in the last chapter (for those people who read the last chapter, forgive me for not mentioning this, I didn't know it'd be a pretty significant detail) and tossed it out of a train's window. By then she decided to forget about Peeta (probably).

Then she (somehow) managed to meet her family, who she treated with some dandelion salad from some dandelions she scavenged. For dinner, Katniss and her family ate some bakery bread (which, honestly, I didn't know where she got, seeing as she had rejected the cookies from her fellow tribute's dad). Afterwards, she explained to "us" about how the Everdeen family managed to survive their poor condition over the years. It was their (well, come to think of it, Katniss) survival skills. Their poaching abilities, their wise picking of what plants can be usable and plants that aren't exactly the best for you.

However Katniss's mom was also a vital part of the family. She made some money by offering people medical remedies, and was also the one who had the ability to sterilize previously hazardous plants so they were safe to eat. She also helped the family by keeping their morale up and being Katniss's motivation to help the family survive (Okay, that last bit I assumed). In short, Katniss's family was extremely important to her and was the reason behind their survival.

Other than these details, Not much important details are mentioned in this chapter, except Katniss and Peeta showing off their survival skills to their disbelieving trainer, Haymitch. From this chapter, we can see how much Katniss cares for her family, and that she's on guard for any signs of "hidden power" in her fellow tribute.

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