Monday, March 31, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 10

I am BACK, people! and with me, I have brought a summary of a new chapter of We Are Anonymous. In this chapter, we are going to learn about a "ninja" hacker in Anonymous and how they operate ("Phew!", I hear you say. "Not another boring biography of another hacker, we've already had enough of that!"). So enough chitchat, I'll just tell you about the story already.

The chapter takes place after Sabu's assault on the Tunisian government. This had a great impact on Anonymous, as it gave the people a view of Anonymous as an amazingly skilled bunch of skilled hacktivists (despite Sabu being the one who did all the hacking in the first place, the credit was taken by all of the Anons anyway). A few Anons such as Topiary first met Sabu when the latter accidentally got kicked out of the Anonymous chat room by Topiary (who was forgiven by Sabu, fortunately).

In this chapter, more about  Kayla's secretive personality is mentioned. It turns out that it was done in the sake of keeping her identity secret just in case someone wanted to call the feds on her. When she was still a young hacker (and a skilled one as well, regarding her age), she picked the wrong guy to hack. This guy easily tracked down Kayla through her MSN account and hacker profiles. Through these personal accounts, he managed to uncover her email address, phone number, enough information required to call the cops on her (which he threatened to do). After a lifetime of pleading, the victim and the hacker (or at least the victim) calmed down and decided to meet each other.

At their meeting, the man was interested with Kayla's obsession with hacking and apologized for his rudeness, unaware of Kayla's ripe age (well, as for the age, the guy DID see it on one of Kayla's profiles, but couldn't believe that such a young girl was capable of wreaking such havoc, thinking that her age was much older for such a pro hacker). He then told Kayla that he managed to discover her personal info from her accounts online. After the meeting, Kayla erased every single piece of evidence of her and her family and researching on the Internet in an attempt to stay completely invisible online; untracable. Needless to say, she succeeded.

She was quite a resourceful hacker since then (after her successful attempt to erase her personal information from the Web, it seems). She became some kind of teacher for hackers, being the mentor of some Anonymous hackers, who she used for her and/Anonymous's hacking jobs. She was known for her and her hacking team's assault on several servers and websites opposing and abusing the people on the web, such as her attack on one website named "" (which was a massive success; they managed to get access to many email addresses, encrypted passwords, usernames, the lot. They even managed to gain access to the server owner's private account, which made the hackers develop the idea of griefing it a bit). However, she was also hoodwinked once.

She joined forces with a WikiLeaks administrator "q", who offered her help with WikiLeaks issues. He seemed like a good man, until he turned on WikiLeaks and the hackers, snatching $60.000 from WikiLeaks (God knows how). He then somehow disappeared.with no trace.

However, this wasn't all that q did. He also secretly leaked Kayla's personal details, her greatest fear. What will happen next? Will Kayla get busted? Arrested? Well, we'll find out next time!  Bye for now!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 9

Hello and good news everyone! Today I've still got a little bit of time to spare for another summary for today. That's the good news, mnd. The BAD news is that this chapter focuses on the bio of yet ANOTHER hacker in Anonymous ("groan... this is the third time he's done this...", I can hear you say). Don't panic or worry, however. This is the story of a new hacker whose backstory wasn't as bright as his fellow griefers. So hold on tight, this story will be a gripping one...

"Sabu" was an Anon that wasn't exactly the latest game in the computer store. He wasn't interested in petty cyber-crimes other hackers did (harass hackers, picked on pedophiles, basically online troublemakers). He was an old-school dude whose true interest was being an online "hero" by opposing authorities and screwing up the rules of the Web. In fact, one of his favorite activities on the Internet was invading Internet service providers (ISPs for short) and taking bigwigs on the internet head on.

Sabu's real name was Hector Xavier Monsegur, and he was raised in a poor family with a very unstable condition to be stuck in. His family was forced to sell drugs for cash (or at least his father and aunt did) and couldn't get good internet connection for their poor Monsegur, who was yearning for the chance to be a hacker. His obsession with hacking has made Monsegur what he is today; one of the best workers in what coud be presumed as the best and most well-known organizations in the world.

However, his obsession of hacking had occasionally got him in trouble. For instance, in his school he once brought a screwdriver to the place. The metal detector at the entrance of the building easily discovered the item, forcing the security guard enforcing the entrance to confiscate the screwdriver, which eventually led to a chain reaction of events (involving Monsegur's lies that the screwdriver was to fix a computer) that ended up in Monsegur's temporary "expulsion" from the school. He was then dubbed "mental" and was advised to visit a psychologist (coincidentally, as if in response to these acts, Monsegur dropped out of high school by 9th grade for unknown reasons).

After discovering hactivism, Monsegur, after all he had seen in his life (drug dealing, his family living in desperation, stuff like that), decided to use hacking for good. He formed his own tight-kight hacking group named "Hackweiser", and together they'd help other people with their credit ratings, fix their internet connections, the like.

Soon, Monsegur's grandmother died. His grandmother, who had stayed with him since he was 14, who cared for and raised him. After getting a bit pent up with rage, he decided to avenge his granny by joining Anonymous as Sabu (and this was the same time that Anonymous assaulted PayPal for not supporting WikiLeaks). Along with his alliance with Anonymous, he decided to compensate the damage he'd done on his little "rage tour" during his grandmother's mourning.

Sabu's country, Puerto Rico, was used as a "rage absorber" for Sabu's rage, was pretty hurt by Sabu's anger during his granny's mourning and Sabu decided to make it up to them by dispatching Tunisia's servers (the two countries were at war back then) with his hacking capabilities. Amazingly, Sabu managed to single-handedly take down the servers, and was even capable of defacing the website of Tunisia's prime minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi. The outcome of the attack was astounding: Tunisia's prime minister resigned and its president Ben Ali stepped down.

With such skill and potential, Sabu then proceeded to dispatch Nigerian sites, hack into Zimbabwean mail for evidence of corruption, things like that. At this rate, he was insulting the Middle East at light speed. But will his skills match the ninja at the next chapter? Until next time,people!

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We Are Anonymous Chapter 8

Hey people and I have returned! And you know what that means; More stories about probably one of the most brilliant hacker organizations in the world. This time the chapter is about weapons that were used by the hackers in a vain attempt to attack some bigwig authority but backfired and caused havoc among the roots of the vigilantes. So without further ado, I should just start the story already (ahem). Dear readers, this is the story about weapons that Anonymous invented and backfired.

You may have thought that the weapons that backfired were new, experimental weapons that have never been used by Anonymous. After all, those are the types of weapons that go wrong the easiest. But NO, instead the government managed to turn perfectly normal hacker weapons into gadgets that could be utilized by the authorities for their own ends. Take LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), for example, which were used by the hackers for flooding their target websites in the same conscience as a DDoS attack: Flood the server with a massive amount of requests, causing denial of service.

However, the LOIC also had a critical downside when it came to its users' safety. It could be easily filtered in order for any law enforcers to discover its IP address and with it (the IP address, that is), they could uncover who the hackers were by examining the users of the hackers' IP address at the time of the crime, leading the cops straight to the hackers' doors.

Due to its safety reasons and very high risk of being busted by the feds, some hackers DID need some clarification if LOIC can still be used as a safe hacking weapon. They chatted to each other on the web if they were going to get busted for using LOIC (which someone replied by saying that you could easily get the cops off your track by calmly saying that your computer was infected with spyware), if you could evade it by playing dumb (some people said that you could pretend that you didn't know it was a virus and don't have the slightest idea how it got onto your computer in the first place), which, judging from the hackers' strict knowledge of LOIC, probably wasn't such a good idea.

Obviously, Anonymous needed some other device to replace LOIC. Something that could fire junk (useless files) at websites faster, more powerful and far-reaching. They succeeded, still using the name of LOIC. However, this was a new and improved one LOIC, despite the same name. However, in a short period of time, someone leaked the news to the FBI, who used their own hacking team to shut down the program. Not only that, but PayPal also sent info to the FBI about almost all the attackers of PayPal, creating a LONG hit list for the FBI on Anonymous's members.

However, Anonymous wasn't giving in to arrest THAT easily. There were still many hackers out there still inciting rebellion against the authorities. For example, a few Anonymous members managed to pull off a raid on Sarah Palin's official website. This wasn't the same group that assaulted PayPal and the online payment companies; these were different. Another operation called "OverLoad" became known for hitting EVERY SINGLE ".gov" and ".edu" site they could (and trust me, these hackers know a LOT of sites that end in those words).

So it looks like even in times of trouble, Anonymous still has a few cards left to play. Next up on We Are Anonymous, we're going to learn about some kind of revolt that Anonymous started in revenge for the cruelty of their government. But until next time, folks! See you when I see you!

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We Are Anonymous Chapter 7

Hey guys, and welcome back to more We Are Anonymous. Today we are going to learn about a war Anonymous waged with multiple government websites that have bullied other helpless websites. With more weapons and murderous hacking techniques, they will... Hey, you know what? I'll just stop talking and get on with the summary, shall we?

The chapter opens with the unbeknownst attack on one of the web's most popular torrent websites, The Pirate Bay. This website was home to millions of illegal files on the internet you originally would have to pay for in real life. However, in The Pirate Bay, these paid files were pirated and posted on the site and people could buy these files for free. Obviously, with so much fame on the web for providing free files to web users, it eventually became a target for a few "police websites" (basically websites that hunt down and shut down illegal websites) and got shut down by a website.

This website's name is Aiplex, and their alibi was being a website that sold software related to movie business.They were secretly behind the shutdown of The Pirate Bay. When the media eventually found out and asked them about how they pulled it off (the crime, that is), they replied by saying that they DDoS'd the website (basically they enter the target website en masse, causing denial of service and temporary shutdown of the website.

As the Anons were vigilantes, they knew that The Pirate Bay was a website worth fighting for. They (Anonymous, that is) may be hackers, but they fight for the people. A good cause. Following Aiplex's assault on one of the Web's most popular torrent websites, they decided that the most effective and ironic way to dispatch of Aiplex was by giving it a taste of its own medicine.

However, they didn't attack Aiplex YET, they just waited for the right moment to strike. In the meantime, they listed down several other potential government websites that could pose a threat to other torrent websites. After listing the suspects, the Anons called up more than 150 volunteers who were grateful to join the battle against the authorities. They then named the attack Operation "Payback Is A &!+(#", DDoS'ing Aiplex and every other threats on the hit list.

The story then shifts to Topiary's (Jake Davis, remember?) point of view. His family managed to move from that cramped island in Scotland to a less cramped (but still quite uncomfortable) island called Lerwick. Jake didn't find life very different there, since he spent the majority of his time on his computer screen. However, following the news of his father's death, he was somehow encouraged to join Anonymous as "Topiary". After his involvement with the Anons, they (Anonymous, that is) were now ready to move on to a new project.

Due to an accidental leak of crucial information from the USA authorities, WikiLeaks is now classified as "criminal" by American leaders. WikiLeaks was threatened to be removed from the web. Desperately trying to stay online, WikiLeaks attempted (albeit unsuccesfully) to move its site to the servers of Amazon (if you didn't know, Amazon is one of the most well-known websites for online purchases, but I think most people know that already). However, PayPal (one giant in the world of online payment) detected this attempt and cut funding to Amazon servers to stop WikiLeaks from staying on. Soon Visa and MasterCard (also giants in online payment) were encouraged to do the same.

Discovering this act of injustice, Anonymous decided to liberate WikiLeaks by promising to teach all websites that could pose as a potential threat to the (almost) doomed website a lesson. They then started listing down the evildoers, starting from the online payment organizations who cut funding to WikiLeaks until the websites that compromised WikiLeaks refuge in Amazon. After tracking down all the loose ends, it was time for the Anons to tighten them up for good. They used a new hacking technique called a "botnet", which involved sending "bots" that worked almost like DDoS, but was capable of downing multiple websites at a time. However, it required a large amount of operators (which wasn't really a problem for Anonymous) to control every bot.

Despite the number of websites that needed downing, the Anons and their supporters managed to dispatch each and every website that compromised and bullied WikiLeaks. Once again, the vigilantes win over the law enforcers.

Will they score another point for their team the next time they attack other unjust organizations? Or will the law prevail above all else? Well, the odds are certainly not in the Anons' favor in the next chapter. Next time, I will be telling you stories of weapons that backfired on their own users. But that's another chapter for another day. For now, peace out dudes!

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We Are Anonymous Chapter 6

Hello and welcome back to more We Are Anonymous summaries, and today we are going to learn more about Anonymous and its history. Today we're going to learn about more people who joined Anonymous. Some married and already had children, while others were just fans of Anonymous's vigilante justice. This is the story of two eager "wannabe" Anonymous hackers and their journey into the organization.

The story opens with Jennifer Emick, another ex-Church of Scientology member (the 2nd one ever since that Patty girl back in the start of chapter 5) who, after a harrowing experience with the Church back when she was a member, was convinced that the Church was evil. She soon joined the party of protestors that were rooting for the downfall of the Church. It took a while for Emick to join the protestors, but in time, after realizing the Church's evil antics, She became a full-time member of the activists.

Another unlikely member of Anonymous was an ex-military guy named Wesley Bailey who used to disapprove of Anonymous's cruel ways. The shocking images posted on their website, their wild creativity and most disturbing of all, the free speech full of horrible comments from the people in Anonymous. However, he eventually realized that Anonymous was more than merely just a mean community full of dark troublemakers. He was a big fan of vigilante justice, and believed that there was power in Anonymous that could help him in his pursuit of new pranks and online harassment, which Bailey was actually quite a fan of.

However, it turned out that Anonymous was more violent than the two of the wannabe hackers could have anticipated. Emick disapproved of Anonymous's evil ways, saying that they were acting like bullies on the Internet, trolling and "owning" everyone they can. As she was being quite a disobedient member of Anonymous, the Anons (short for "Anonymous members") dubbed her as a threat and sent the cops and the FBI to her house, telling them that Emick was an Anon.

Realizing Anonymous was classifying her as a threat, Emick and her family moved to Michigan before the authorities managed to apprehend her, leaving Anonymous with one informant on the run. Before they knew it, Emick was training herself to be one of the most skilled hackers in the world in order to prepare herself for the ultimate moment: To out-hack Anonymous and tear them apart before they could cause more damage to the world.

Meanwhile, Bailey was in a conflict with his family. He was secretly yearning to be female after a small conversation he had with a transgendered woman after leaving the army. The transgender was beautiful and confident (at least to Bailey) and Bailey attempted to change his gender as well to share feelings for his dream girl (or dream "girl-boy", come to think of it) by purchasing a few doses of special pills designed to alter genders. However, Bailey didn't realize the power of the pills, which turned him into a female. Shocked of his transformation and confused of what to do next, he and his wife decided to divorce (if that is the right way to say it) and go their separate ways.

Bailey (now a female) decided to go join Anonymous, which he viewed as his final place to relieve himself of all the troubles he got into. He was met by Kayla (after a rough greeting of "Who the #^&% is this?"), who helped Bailey discuss about how he turned transgender in the first place and amazingly, Kayla knew more about the pills that Bailey took more than its user. Soon the two became close friends and kept in touch, making Bailey an official member of Anonymous.

Innocent computer users turned strict anti-hackers for the law and a transgendered man trying to find peace in the hacking world. I wonder, what will come next? Well, guess we'll have to wait. Until then, I'll be right here, reading more about Anonymous. Peace out!

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We are Anonymous Chapter 5

Well, well, well... We're BACK, guys! Witth more posts of We Are Anonymous, that is. And you guys already know what that means: More stories about hackers and the groups they worked for, more stories about Anonymmous. But fortunately for you guys out there who are quite sick with reading about hacker's bios and their history, in this chapter we are going to learn about the very thing that turned Anonymous from nuisances on the web, doing prank calls and griefing, into a worldwide organization known as global havocwreakers. Here's how it went down...

Anonymous started to propel their small faction into a large one thanks to Tom Cruise and a video the Church of Scientology wanted to keep under wraps. Cruise was a die-hard follower of Scientology, making him one of the strongest advocates for the Church. He was the star of the video that the Church wanted to keep secretly. The church did a good job keeping the video confidential up to one point.

One day, an unknown Church member decided to laek the video to one of the strongest protestors against the Church, Patty Pieniadz. Patty, as an ex-Scientologist herself, decided to wait for the perfect moment to strike, striking the spot where it would hurt the most. And when the time came, she unleashed the video onto YouTube. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral, and despite YouTube's best efforts to keep the cat in the bag, the video stuck on the Internet for eternity.

This is where Anonymous comes in. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to prove their power to the world, they decided to launch a DDoS (don't ask me what that is, apparently it's something deadly) attack on the Church aided by a machine called the Gigaloader. The attack was so succeessful, it critically "injured" the Church, which, after all it's gone through, wasn't really in the mood for accepting more offenses.

To add pain to torture, Anonymous's attack on the Church also happened in unison as the unleashing of the "haters", who just took out their wrath on the Church by releasing confidential Church documents to the public. At the same time, Anonymous also received requests from various people on the Internet begging to participate in Anonymous's attack on the Church. Together they unleasheed the power of the Gigaloader, which all the Anonymous members and followers used in unison.

In no time Anonymous was bombarding "hurtful" data at the Church, followed by many other newfangled devices that added insult to the Church's injury. Heck, they even made a YouTube account named ChurchOfScientology posting confidential information from the Church. After the dust cleared, people took Anonymous way more seriously; The feds, the FBI, all the USA special agencies. They were all involved in the hunt for this new league of hackers.

So just a gentle reminder: If you're wondering how Anonymous became world-famous in the first place, think the church of Scientology. Being the first target of Anonymous, they're the one that revealed this lethal organization to the world and got them on a rampage. Next up,we're going to learn more about Anonymous's cyber-battles with the world.

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We Are Anonymous Chapter 4

Hello people, and welcome back to more summaries of We Are Anonymous. In this chapter we are going to discover the cause of a woman's turning into an Anonymous member. This woman's name is Kayla, and her is her story of how she turned from zero to hero; from Internet outcast into professional hacker. Without further spoilers, here is her story...

Kayla started off as a secretive teen, who kept her family details under strict cover from the public. She was more open to her friends, but still quite secretive nonetheless. It seemed that half of her desperately wanted attention that she was worth something to the people around her whilst at the same time shutting her (and her family's) personal details inside her to prevent offense from the people out there, just jumping at the smallest chance to cyberbully the poor girl.

Over time, she became a greatly skilled hacker with exceptional skills (attacking web databases single-handedly, fishing out computer bugs and bypassing them, stuff like that) you wouldn't expect from a 14-year old. Often she would receive a comment of praise from a random impressed guy on the Internet saying "Wow, You're still 14 years old and you can already do this?" following an impressive cyber-attack on some web database or something like that.

However, Kayla also suffered hardships when it came to socializing online. As you may have heard, most people on the Internet are guys and they don't usually think that the girls are "in their league" and will have to get through a few insane stuff (some I won't even bother to mention) to mingle with the dudes. That's actually pretty ironic, since most guys on the Internet (mostly internet "trolls") actually PRETEND TO BE FEMALE in order to (somehow) weaken others on the Internet with this fake personality.

But in Kayla's case, this was quite fatal. Now most people (who knew she was actually a genuine girl) either started flirting with her on the internet (in some cases, even 27-year old pedophiles) or started posting misogynistic comments stating that she should start doing some unspeakable stuff (like I said previously, so inappropriate I won't even bother to mention it) in order to get into the guys' league.

This was her eason for her joining Anonymous in the first place. Before long, she was already trolling random people on the internet for kicks, making her an unknown, untrackable and notorious internet threat. But other than her sense of unleashing her anger on random people, she is also known for unleashing unavoidable threats with no counter-attack to internet troublemakers everywhere (to give you an idea of what I mean by "troublemakers", we're talking pedophiles, people notorious for their bestiality online, other hackers, people like that). These threats were lethal to their receivers, because Kayla had the power to leak personal information to the public or the feds.

Kayla is also aided by a party of other hackers, who assist her in hacking jobs. After she decided to join Anonymous, the cyber-terrorists were almost unstoppable. With Kayla on their side, they transformed from an amateur, unorganized and shattered group of computer griefers into a professional, organized and lethal cadre of hackers that have been promoted by the public into "domestic terrorists". This may be a bit of a weak position for such an organized group of hackers, but they are about to be known globally as the ultimate cyber-terrorists we now know.

Next up is another biography (DON'T PANIC! The bios are going to come to an end sooner or later, just a few more chapters), followed by an epic story of how Anonymous rose up to be known worldwide. But that's another chapter. Hopefully you guys will stay with me for the remaining chapters, something big is about to go down...

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We Are Anonymous Chapter 3

Hey people,and today I have returned with more summaries of We Are Anonymous. In today's  summary, we are going to plunge into the life of yet ANOTHER hacker in Anonymous dubbed “Topiary”. He is one hacker in Anonymous that has been revealed to be quite a popular guy, liked by a lot of people, and just so suddenly... Became Anonymous. Here's his story.

Jake was a rare person with a gift as a child. When he was still a small youngster, he enjoyed watching TV math game shows like Countdown compared to cartoons. When he was still 2, he was so obsessed in numbers that his favorite device was a calculator, which would just be fiddled around with for pure entertaainment.

Unfortunately for Jake, he was only 6 when his family decided to move from England to a remote island in Scotland. His dad and mom came into conflict and decided to part ways, leaving the dad in God Knows Where and the mom and her kids in that remote island in Scotland mentioned a few sentences ago. Life on the island wasn't really that hard, and the local fishermen and farmers were quite friendly to outsiders, giving them leftover food from their sales in the market. In fact, the Davis family had 3 fridges jam-packed with fish and meat.

Then again, there are also downsides to living in a remote island in Scotland. Like the school. Most people in Jake's school didn't really take kindly to outsiders. This made school a living hell for poor Jake, who tried his best to make school a tad better, without much success. To make matters even worse, Jake's step-dad died in an accident, and by some freaky coincidence, he was the owner of the Davis' house, and soon they had to move out of the house and move into a small wooden house. For a 13-year old kid, this was quite hard for Jake.

Due to all the pressure, Jake decided to take out all his stress by socializing via social media and online games like RuneScape. However, over time he decided to turn to mischievous antics thanks to encouragements from his friends. After his first smash-hit prank call to Walmart asking for a “fish-shaped RC helicopter, his friends loved him and started asking for even more of his crazy calls. Over time he was so skilled in prank calls that he even created a website named Tiny Chat.

Soon Jake became the mastermind of various raids on popular websites. For example, he helped grief a website hosting a game called Habbo, an open-world game where you traveled around a hotel, talking to random people. Before long, a party of troublemakers decided to enter Habbo en masse, blocking the hotel's swimming pool, telling other players that it was “closed due to AIDS”. And if anyone DID manage to break into the swimming pool, they would see a full-scale party with disco dancers running the show.

Finally, he was one of the hackers who used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) as a communication device for hackers to plot their next cyber-attack. In IRC chats, they'd also make up their own chat lingo (that we all know today as ROTFL (Roll On The Floor Laughing), LOL (Laugh Out Loud), etc). IRC was also the thing that turned Anonymous from a disbanded group of hackers into an organized group of hackers that would work together in an attack in unison.

So there you go; the story of another hacker that has helped Anonymous come together. In the next chapter is the story a female hacker in Anonymous.  Will she be an amateur hacker or professional hacker? We'll find out in the next chapter!

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We Are Anonymous Chapter 2

Hey people, and we are back with MORE We Are Anonymous summaries! In today's summary, we are going to learn about a day in the life of a hacker in Anonymous. Before I start messing up details about the story, let's just get right to it!

The chapter opens with the explanation of a very popular anime website named 2chan. This website (aided by its very similar bootleg website named 4chan) was the reason behind Aaron Barr (read chapter 1 if you think you forgot/don't know this guy) and his encounter with Anonymous. Here's how all this crap about Anonymous's attack on the security company (chapter 1, if you remember) happened in the first place:

One day, there was a 14-year old kid named Christopher Poole who found out about 2chan, that anime website mentioned in the previous paragraph. Since, he, like (almost) all the teenagers his age loved anime, he decided to make a translated version of 2chan named 4chan (that bootleg anime website I said earlier) so the anime website (that was formerly typed in Japanese) could be read by his fellow teenagers who, like Poole, were all also anime fans.

Over time, 4chan slowly turned into a nest of Anonymous members, and most users of the web claim to have discovered about Anonymous through 4chan. And as luck would have it, one Anonymous member named William decided to use this website for his own ends. William was a young cyber-terrorist (that's "griefer" for you Minecraft players out there) who enjoyed inflicting sorrow in the hearts of unknown strangers. Well, who could blame him? At his early 20s, he has never managed to get a full time job and prefers to lock himself in his room to find a bit of peace.

In no time at all, William had managed to transform 4chan from an innocent anime website into an internet addict's paradise full of porn, gore, shocking images, the lot. He'd even terrorize his friends, family and relatives. Ruining other people's lives gave him happiness and kept his thoughts about suicide and the outside world at bay. To him, 4chan was like coke to a drug addict. Griefing kept him alive, and was the only thing standing in his way between him and suicide.

If you were wondering why all this adulterated stuff on 4chan didn't bother him, it's because William has already been exposed to the adult world at a very ripe age. For one, he was first exposed to porn when he was eleven, and until today he hasn't stopped his adult antics. Occasionally he'd go online to hack into people's webcams and catch them in some embarrassing moments (some I don't even need to mention). He was also the mastermind behind a lot of coded messages on 4chan that has lured some innocent kids into the adult world.

However, William has also been confirmed as some type of blackmailer who has forced many people (many close ones) to hand over their private information, their photos (most of them inappropriate) quite easily. If he found an account he desired to raid, he would hack into said person's web account and inform them about it. The victim would freak out, and William would say that now that the victim's account was vulnerable and is suspectible to more hacking from other people.

After the person asked what could be done in order for the hacking to stop, William would say  that the person would have to divulge the info of his/her web accounts to William. Afterwards, William would keep the victim's account under wraps. The victim, trying to hide his/her account ASAP, would quickly spill the beans. And as promised, William would help make the leaked accout look like it never happened plus a few tips for web safety.

So apparently life as an Anonymous hacker is quite entertaining, but WILL require a cold heart and no remorse. Not a job I'd like to take...

We are Anonymous Chapter 1

Hey guys, I've got some news for you (bad or good, that's up to you). My dad has told me to change books from  The Hunger Games to this book about a legion of deadly hackers called We Are Anonymous. Don't complain or gripe; this is not up to me. Honestly, if I could choose, I'd stick with The Hunger Games, but it might be worth changing books as to not anger my dad. So without further ado, let's start the summary already!

The book opens in the eyes of Aaron Barr, a digital security executive who had just come face-to-face with Anonymous on an eventful day of the Super Bowl. His day just went from hero to zero. It  started with a few "malfunctions" with his web accounts. First his iPhone received a heinous email: "cannot receive mail". Despite his useless efforts to log in again, his email account was still AWOL. Even worse, when he tried to log in to EVERY SINGLE WEB ACCOUNT HE HAD, his password was always rejected. Apparently someone, or some people, were messing with him.

He later discovered who were the people cutting him off of his web accounts. A group of shady hackers named "Anonymous", who weren't your typical everyday hacking guys; these people seemed to be like professionals; Apparently so skilled at their jobs that they even left a terrifying tagline after successfully pulling off a hacking job:
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

To make this group even more professional-looking, they even had a few logos representing them. On their digital flyers and messages, they'd have a logo of a man in a tuxedo with a question mark replacing where his head is supposed to be. In the background would be the background setting of the UN. Here's a picture to give you a better idea:
Other than this logo, there would be a Guy Fawkes mask representing Anonymous's, well, anonymity. So just with these logos, you can tell that Anonymous is a skilled team of pro hackers around the world that are untrackable and capable of bringing down entire governmental securities.

Anonymous has got off to a good start so far. Barr's job was as a digital security exec, so that means Anonymous have just mocked him by hacking into a digital security company. How ironic can this get? Even worse (for Barr, that is), Anonymous has successfully managed to leak all of Barr's private info all over the net. before he knew it, his first photo when posing as a "digital security guy" (whatever yo call it) was cropped onto a James Bond movie poster to insult his security work and his head was altered to look like the internet comic "Forever Alone".

So Anonymous has started its journey into the online world with a blast by trolling a security company (or at least one of its employees). It still has loads of potential, so who knows what they're  going to do next? Hack into the CIA? leeching money from the president's bank account? Well, that's to be revealed in the next, chapter. But for now, tha's all for today. Hopefully you guys weren't too mad about the sudden change of books, that was unplanned.Until then,  sayonara!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Hunger Games Chapter 6

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my blog has been UPDATED! More summaries about The Hunger Games have been added to my blog and so far we are up to chapter 6, where Katniss and Peeta are starting to get a bit of time together. These two tributes, who are about to be locked inside a massive arena with other psychopaths (I mean, tributes) who, in the end, will initiate a gory fight to the death with only ONE VICTOR (that means only one guy/girl will be alive, leaving the other tribute in the same district a corpse). It also discusses District 12's strategies to stand a chance in the Games. You know what? Before I start ruining the story, let's just start it already.

First of all, Katniss stops to admire the wealth of the Capitol. She describes to "us" about how everything in the place can be instantly activated at the press of a button, and there are so many of them (the buttons, that is) that she doesn't have time to press them all and see what they do. The shower panel alone has so many options for water temperature, body and hair washing, the lot. After all these posh washing gadgets, the advanced technology doesn't end there. Even the dressing closet can be programmed to decide what kind of clothes you want to wear. Man, the technology in this book.

After even MORE techie stuff with the dining room (including a mouthpiece you can use to whisper orders from a menu and the food will be slipped out of said mouthpiece), the district's ambassadors talk about a girl named Delly Cartwright, an Avox (apparently this is the posh word in the book for "traitor") who got her tongue cut off for some heinous crime. Not much else is really told about her, making her a bit of a shady character (well, at least not yet. Later in the chapter she is mentioned, but we haven't got to that part yet), although it did ring a bell for Katniss. Her story will be revealed later.

After dinner, Katniss and Peeta have a bit of alone time together on the roof of their building. The two tributes glance into the night sky, looking at the Capitol, a massive land of lights resembling a swarm of fireflies. An opportunity like this didn't come so often in District 12, where the electricity would go on and off all the time. The only time the two tributes could fully exploit (I mean, use) electricity was when there was something absolutely vital to watch, such as the Games or some bogus government message. But here, they could count on it to stay bright.

This is the time when Katniss tells her fellow tribute the story about the Avox. She (the Avox, that is) was still a very young soul when Katniss found her wandering around in the woods. At first, they just glanced at each other, like most strangers would do. Suddenly, a Capitol hovercraft, which appeared out of nowhere, quickly abducted (well, that's a bit too alien-ish. Why not replace that word with "snatch"?) the child. Katniss could have saved her, but she was a bit dazzled by the suddenly appearing craft (well, wouldn't you if suddenly this huge vehicle just popped out of nowhere?), letting the child get seized by the hovercraft's riders and taken away to God knows where. Katniss still feels guilty over the incident and wonders if the child will still remember her.

So from this chapter, we can tell that Katniss is pretty impressed by the Capitol's technology, which are all at its user's disposal just at a click of a button. She and Peeta also realized that they cared for each other (regardless of the stuff they're going to have to get through) and that Katniss is quite a caring girl underneath that tough hunter's skin. We also discover that Peeta isn't one to hold grudges (although he is going to have to kill this girl that he just sat on a roof with), especially with those closest to him, despite what's going to happen.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Hunger Games Synopsis Chapter 5

Hey people! Welcome back to more Hunger Games summaries. Today we're going to discuss about chapter 5, in which Katniss and Peeta are made ready by different specialized people in their district to look attractive in front of the huge crowd at the Games. This chapter mainly focuses on the looks of the tributes of District 12, what they should be wearing, etc, etc (basically it's like a model show, but this time in a book). I'm not ready to leak all the details of the chapter at such an early point of the book, so why not just go into the summary right now?

The first thing you see in this chapter (come to think of it, "read", not "see") is Katniss being smothered with overdosed Capitol beauty treatments (tearing out all the leg hair, adding a type of gritty foam that washes away at least three layers of its user's skin, and other unspeakable treatments I don't have the honor of discussing in this post), which eventually makes her look like a model after her plastic surgery (to be honest, I wasn't not sure of that statement; first because I've never actually seen an awful lot of celebrities who got plastic surgery (at least I didn't KNOW they did) and two, there's no visualization in the movie, not that I remember any).

Then Katniss met with her stylist (yes, her stylist. those people who executed "unspeakable treatments" on her were merely a group of servants (like the maids who don on clothes for their master's kids, more like) who were just purifying Katniss of her "in-humanness" (if "purifying" and "in-humanness" are the right words). This one was the actual fashion designer, with a sense for top-model stuff). His name was Cinna (not to be confused with the WWE wrestler). Before he started doing some fashion designing on the tribute, the stylist decided to ask a few questions to Katniss, a few about her fashion sense and another few about her being a newbie in the games. Afterwards they went straight to the fashion stuff.

A small portion of the first few paragraphs of this part of the chapter (forgive me for all the "of's") is what is in Katniss's head when she's thinking about replicating Capitol food. You realize the difficulty of creating such rich food with so little ingredients in your district. Anyway, that's not important. What IS important is that in THIS part of the story, Cinna discusses with Katniss about what outfit would fit best with the district's principal industry (District 11: Agriculture. District 4: Fishing. You know, that kind of stuff?). As luck would have it, District 12's main industry was (ta-da!) coal mining. For this part, I don't even have to tell you what the tributes have to put up with for outfits.

Fortunately, the stylists had an idea. Coal= fire. Fire= BADASS. So in the end, they actually came up with the most dazzling outfits: A dress (for Katniss) and a suit (for Peeta) set ablaze with a "synthetic flame" (that's "fake fire" to you), which is the perfect crowd winner. To prove this, the other districts threw District 12 (or at least their tributes) dirty looks of jealousy. For the first time in years (come to think of it, DECADES), District 12 came up with over-the-top outfits for the Hunger Games.

From this chapter, we discover that Katniss is a bit shy when it comes to her district's (mainly their dresses) impression in the Hunger Games. She was afraid that they were going to pair her body with some baggy coal miner's suit (or an even worse, even more inappropriate outfit that I dare not speak of in the formality of blog language), but as we have discovered in the chapter, did not turn out to be such a big problem after all. Not much else is told about the other characters, since this is just the "fashion" phase of the book.

If you ask me, it was actually quite a good call for the stylists to come up with those flaming robes. I mean, you could very well imagine what would have happened if Katniss and Peeta were instructed to wear some baggy coal miner attire. Now that would be a total disaster. For me, that's the moral of the chapter: Unless you change something, that "something" will stay the way it is for eternity until someone does something about it. In this case, District 12 (or at least its tributes and stylists) decided to change their uniform, boring attire into kick-ass, flaming clothes. Change is good!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Hunger Games Synopsis Chapter 4

Hello guys, and welcome back to EVEN MORE Hunger Games summaries. In this chapter, Katniss decides to give a bit more thought about the games. She also has doubts about Peeta, who she's pretty sure will attempt to kill her when the Games start. She also worries about her home, what will happen while she is away competing in the Games. You know what? I'll stop talking right now and just tell you the summary of the chapter.

First Katniss noticed Peeta as the "kind but deadly" type of tribute, who would possibly be overlooked as easy prey, with that kind face and all. Katniss decided to play it safe and try not to underestimate Peeta. So what did she do? Well, to start with, she threw away a package of cookies that she received from Peeta's father in the last chapter (for those people who read the last chapter, forgive me for not mentioning this, I didn't know it'd be a pretty significant detail) and tossed it out of a train's window. By then she decided to forget about Peeta (probably).

Then she (somehow) managed to meet her family, who she treated with some dandelion salad from some dandelions she scavenged. For dinner, Katniss and her family ate some bakery bread (which, honestly, I didn't know where she got, seeing as she had rejected the cookies from her fellow tribute's dad). Afterwards, she explained to "us" about how the Everdeen family managed to survive their poor condition over the years. It was their (well, come to think of it, Katniss) survival skills. Their poaching abilities, their wise picking of what plants can be usable and plants that aren't exactly the best for you.

However Katniss's mom was also a vital part of the family. She made some money by offering people medical remedies, and was also the one who had the ability to sterilize previously hazardous plants so they were safe to eat. She also helped the family by keeping their morale up and being Katniss's motivation to help the family survive (Okay, that last bit I assumed). In short, Katniss's family was extremely important to her and was the reason behind their survival.

Other than these details, Not much important details are mentioned in this chapter, except Katniss and Peeta showing off their survival skills to their disbelieving trainer, Haymitch. From this chapter, we can see how much Katniss cares for her family, and that she's on guard for any signs of "hidden power" in her fellow tribute.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Hunger Games Synopsis Chapter 2

We're back, people (with more summaries of The Hunger Games, that is) and now I'm going to let you guys off the suspense of that last chapter, where Katniss's sister, Prim is picked to become a tribute for her district. (Phew!) So without further ado, let's find out what happens in chapter 2 before you guys die of the suspense, shall we?

In chapter 1, we last saw Katniss's younger sister, Prim, get picked to represent her proud district for the Hunger Games. Well, all that is about to change in this very chapter. After all, this is the chapter where Katniss Everdeen shouts that memorable quote: "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!". As you can see, Katniss can never allow her poor sister, who would be easy prey in the games, to take place. She'd be dead meat seconds after the Games start. And as an older sister, she could never allow that to happen. Apparently for Katniss, it's better for her to die in glory than watch her helpless sister be slaughtered by the other tributes.

Katniss sure was an unexpected tribute. In District 12, that famous quote by Katniss Everdeen (bet you can't scream those words at the top of your lungs right now) was usually what people in the district would say if they had a deathwish. Back in the day, being picked as a tribute was such an honor, it was not normal for people to shout out that they wanted to be a tribute. But nowadays, after all the murdering that has happened in the Hunger Games, the odds of someone "tribute" quote was as rare as finding the Declaration of Independence hidden under the frame of the Mona Lisa.

Other minor things that the chapter deals with is the 2nd tribute in District 12, Peeta Mellark, someone totally unfamiliar to Katniss (and also who Katniss was certain would get killed before she does). It also tells you the thoughts of the brave (suicidal, if you ask me) tribute about the games. Katniss has heard of many people that die in the Games in gory and horrible fashions (somehow reminds me of Dumb Ways to Die, but this time Hunger Games version). Starvation, death by other tributes, etc. There are also some origins of Peeta as the son of a baker, but that was about it.

So in this chapter we already know of Katniss's suicidal behavior (suicidal, brave, whatever you want to call it), the other tribute, Peeta Mellark, son of a baker, almost defenseless. In the next chapter Katniss will be making preparations to depart District 12, say goodbye to her family, the typical farewell procedures. We will (probably) also find out more about Peeta and how sharp (or dull) his survival skills are. We never know! Anything could happen in the next chapter.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Hunger Games Synopsis Chapter 1

Hello once again audience! where we left off, I was doing a whole bunch of summaries about this horror book called "The Shining". Well, about that, I've got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that my parents have totally REJECTED the idea of me doing a summary of "The Shining" for my blog any longer. The good news is that they allowed me to try another novel, still famous nevertheless: (hooray!) The Hunger Games Trilogy. Sorry for the sudden change of plans, but these are circumstances completely beyond my control (in other words, this is not my fault). So let's just skip the gloom and get to the synopsis.

In the first chapter, it is Reaping Day, the day where different "districts" gather in one gigantic place where thousands of the citizens' names are placed inside a container. Two names are picked from the container, and these two people are picked to symbolize the district for some gruesome annual event called the Hunger Games, apparently regardless of how young or old the chosen people are.

In some insane turn of events, the main character (named Katniss Everdeen; I suppose you know this name already from the movie if you've watched it) in the book got her sister. Her sister, Prim, who was still quite young and had zero experience in fighting in the Games. The chapter ends right after the "tribute-picking-guy" (whatever you want to call it) chooses Prim's name, leaving the reader (unless you've saw the movie or already read the book, in which case you already know what happens next) in suspense.

In this chapter, we're introduced to the Reaping, an annual picking of "tributes" who are chosen to go into an all-out brawl with other kids in other districts in an event called the "Hungr Games". It is also hinted about a relationship between Katniss and her friend, Gale, both apparently already skilled in the art of hunting and thus making them worthy Hunger Games competitors. We also learn about the gory nature of the Hunger Games, where all the tributes kill each other and find out who comes out at the top.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Shining Synopsis Chapter 3

Hello people! I'm back, which means more "The Shining" is back as well! Unfortunately, this being a horror book, we haven't got to the scary part yet. We're still at the introductions. And you know what that means; No intensifying bits, no scary stuff, no fun (at least not yet). But the introduction will "shine" (geddit? "shine", and the book's name is "The Shining") some light on the story and its characters. So what are we waiting for? Let's get down to it already!

In chapter 3, on Jack's trip through the underground rooms, more history is revealed about Jack and Danny Torrance. This chapter is about Jack's job areas. This covers the boiler room, which is full of many different contraptions fit for running the hotel, such as a furnace, a boiler, etc. Watson also expresses his feelings about the hotel's grave condition. He says that he's gone down with a cold, the Overlook keeps getting searched by the FBI and the CIA, but the most interesting thing about the trip was that Watson gave a bit more enlightenment about the previous caretaker of the Overlook (the one who commited suicide).

The Overlook also seemed to have a bit of a suspicious history when it comes to ghosts. The Overlook's first caretaker wasn't the only guy to have gone a bit insane and got himself killed. Another case also involved an old lady apparently "fasting". After this small fasting trip, she took a few ten sleeping pills and alcoholic drinks, leading to a gruesome death. You can already tell something's up with this hotel.

In this chapter, another one of Jack's incidents with his son is also mentioned. This time, it happened when Danny was still a very young 3-year old kid. After accidentally spilling a can of beer on his father's papers, Jack was so enraged at this act of "accidental destruction" (if there is such a thing) that he broke his poor son's arm. After the incident, he could still remember the face of his wife, the look on Danny's poor mug, and the fears of what might have happened because of this event.

After reading this chapter, we can tell that the Overlook will be a potential source of trouble, already full of many suspicious activities. Jack is also hinted as a bit of a guy in the need of some anger management. With this temper and his job, the hotel would possibly turn him into a man full of psychotic activity, putting all the members of his family on the line. But fortunately, this is just a hotel in the middle of nowhere, with a dark history, and some unknown force turning a few of its employees and visitors into psychotic, insane guys in need of some psychology! Honestly, how bad can this job get?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Shining Synopsis Chapter 2

Hey guys, I am BACK! Back with more "The Shining", that is. So far it's got quite a good beginning, and the story is already building up. We now already know quite a big deal about the main character now, and the chapter you're about to read about will give a bit more insight to the characters. So let's get this synopsis going already!

In chapter 2, more of Jack Torrance's dark history is unveiled. In a conversation between his wife and his son, Jack loses his temper sometimes, and this beastly temper of his has led him into numerous sticky situations. In one occasion, he was the leader of a school's debate team. He cut off a member of the debate team named George Hatfield, who wasn't exactly the best debater in the team. George thought that Jack cut him off the team because of Jack's hatred toward him and not because of the lack of skill.

In revenge, George decided to sneak to the Torrances' home and slash the tires of their bug (you know, that kind of offroad vehicle). Unfortunately for George, Jack caught the criminal in the act. He hit the vandal, and George hit him back. After the school heard about what happened, George was kicked out of the school and so was Jack. Another case of Jack's temper is mentioned in this chapter about Danny (Jack's son) with his "arm in a cast". However, nothing else is told about this case.

After reading this chapter, you can tell that Jack's temper can get a bit out of hand, which has led him into a few issues with his family and other people. Unfortunately, this chapter is quite short and nothing else significant is mentioned (unless you count one incident where Jack accidently swears in front of his son, and NO, I am not going to tell you what word that was ).

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Shining synopsis chapter 1

Hey guys, long time no see. Sorry for the long absence, there were lots of things bogging me down lately. Hopefully you can forgive me for the inconvenience caused (if any), I will try to be a more frequent blogger. So anyways, enough chitchat, let's get straight down to business!

When I first signed into this blog, I would have loved to write about some new event that's going on in the household, but my parents have been accusing me of being too much of a "gamer" and not a reader. Therefore, they have ordered me to create some synopsis of a book, chapter by chapter. Yes kids, that's what you get for being addicted to games. You'd better start grabbing those books now before you suffer the same fate as I have.

So I decided to make a synopsis of this book called "The Shining", a really scary horror book (although honestly, I haven't got to the scary part yet) about a haunted hotel doing some really cruel things to its residents. So without further ado, let's get this going already!

The novel starts with an interview between two men, Jack Torrance (the interviewee) and Mr Ullman (the interviewer) discussing about Jack's job in the Overlook Hotel as caretaker. This is the chapter where the Overlook's shadowy past has began to unravel. Turns out the last caretaker in the Overlook murdered his own family before eventually commiting suicide. Despite this event, Jack is still determined to get the job, especially with the poor condition ofhis family. Needless to say, he got the job.

Another clue is revealed that the job as caretaker in the hotel won't be a walk in the park. Since Jack is the caretaker of the Overlook, he and his family will have to stay in the hotel, which is isolated and far from (almost) everywhere. In fact, the nearest town to the hotel was 40 miles away, and the roads were closed from October/November until April. Ullman also tells Jack about the 5 owners of the Overlook. The first 4 owners, for some unknown reason, sold the Overlook because they "couldn't handle it".

But what was Jack to do? He had no other option for a job, and his family's fate was in his hands. But honestly, how bad can it be? Jack's family got to live in some posh hotel where numerous VIPs have lived in, his family got to have a shot at the high life, that's not so bad, is it? Well, I don't know about you, but I actually think this is the beginning of something bad...

In this chapter, it is revealed that this Jack Torrance must be a desperate man, volunteering to be the caretaker of an apparently haunted resort. According to Jack, Ullman must've been one heck of an annoying boss. In this chapter, Jack's family was described by the latter as "very special people (especially his son, for reasons you're about to find out in the following chapters) other than these people, no other character (be it major or minor) has been hinted in this chapter.