Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 11

Hey people, we have returned with more We Are Anonymous summaries. In this chapter, we are going to investigate about what happened after all the things that happened; all the hacks, all the offenses to the authorities, everything Anonymous had done ends with this chapter. So, what will happen next? Well, don't let me stop you; This is what happened...

Still remember that guy Aaron Barr from chapter 1? (if you read my summary about it) You, know, the guy who became the first Anonymous victim? (supposedly) Anyway, in this chapter, he decided to pack up, move house (and probably move country, after all he's been through), away from all the offenses from the people around him. So with his family, the Barrs boarded a plane to Sacramento. The media, the Web, almost everyone seemed to want to get a chance to insult Barr. Apparently it was all just too much for the poor guy.

Back to Anonymous. Laurelai (that's the present name for the now female "Bailey" transgender dude a few chapters ago, if you remember Bailey) was seeing what was going on in the Anon world. She found out about Operation Payback. However, she was uninterested with the operation, because Laurelai wasn't really interested in the DDoS business. But what she WAS interested in was a confidential file by the government, which contained information about the authorities' intention to destroy WikiLeaks.

The planned destruction of WikiLeaks wasn't just because of their recent antics about leaking the American leaders' intentions to the world; (before the "attack" on the Bank, the authorities weren't THAT close yet to swearing to annihilate WikiLeaks, they just needed a bit of motivation) it seems like WikiLeaks just spilled the beans about a whole trove of confidential info about the Bank of America's dirty secrets (it was just a rumor, but WikiLeaks' tendency to blab about secret important stuff might have made America assume that it was going to be a real deed). This just got the Bank on their trail, along with a lot of other outraged authorities that WikiLeaks just ticked off.

Something else that Anonymous came to realize was about one suspicious Anonymous "hater", who was constantly (endlessly, more like) bombarding the Anons with criticism. This hater's username was #FakeGreggHoush. As it turned out, this person was Jennifer Emick (remember that woman that thought Anonymous was a pack of no-good bullies that liked to pick on people on the Internet), apparently back for revenge on the Anons. Emick's strategy to eradicate Anonymous was by showing the world that Anonymous wasn't really anonymous by leaking their leaders' identities. And by some freaky coincidence, these people were Sabu, Kayla and Topiary.

The Anons' security was now in the threat of being exposed by Emick, starting with Topiary (who Emick and a few other "Anon haters" threatened to take pictures of outside Topiary's flat). The Anon, unshaken (and probably unconvinced) of the threats, mocked the offendors instead of being afraid of them. However, Sabu was worried about HIS notoriety on thee Web; at the time, if you searched "Hector Monsegur" on the Net, there'd actually be HIS identity, HIS person on the Web.

As it turns out, Laurelai was the person partly responsible for the identity leaks of the Anons. When the two parted ways, they still kept in touch, one person as an Anon and one as a hater. Laurelai, out of empathy for Emick, decided to go "friend over organization" and leaked a massive log of a chatting to Emick, allowing Laurelai to leak quite a lot of identities over to the haters, giving them an advantage.

After all the haters have been doing to the Anons, this will net the haters a few points over the hackers. What will happen next, I wonder? Will the vigilantes somehow find a way to eradicate the information about them and triumph over the public once again? Or will they finally get cornered and break up? Let's find out at the next chapter...

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