Monday, March 24, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 4

Hello people, and welcome back to more summaries of We Are Anonymous. In this chapter we are going to discover the cause of a woman's turning into an Anonymous member. This woman's name is Kayla, and her is her story of how she turned from zero to hero; from Internet outcast into professional hacker. Without further spoilers, here is her story...

Kayla started off as a secretive teen, who kept her family details under strict cover from the public. She was more open to her friends, but still quite secretive nonetheless. It seemed that half of her desperately wanted attention that she was worth something to the people around her whilst at the same time shutting her (and her family's) personal details inside her to prevent offense from the people out there, just jumping at the smallest chance to cyberbully the poor girl.

Over time, she became a greatly skilled hacker with exceptional skills (attacking web databases single-handedly, fishing out computer bugs and bypassing them, stuff like that) you wouldn't expect from a 14-year old. Often she would receive a comment of praise from a random impressed guy on the Internet saying "Wow, You're still 14 years old and you can already do this?" following an impressive cyber-attack on some web database or something like that.

However, Kayla also suffered hardships when it came to socializing online. As you may have heard, most people on the Internet are guys and they don't usually think that the girls are "in their league" and will have to get through a few insane stuff (some I won't even bother to mention) to mingle with the dudes. That's actually pretty ironic, since most guys on the Internet (mostly internet "trolls") actually PRETEND TO BE FEMALE in order to (somehow) weaken others on the Internet with this fake personality.

But in Kayla's case, this was quite fatal. Now most people (who knew she was actually a genuine girl) either started flirting with her on the internet (in some cases, even 27-year old pedophiles) or started posting misogynistic comments stating that she should start doing some unspeakable stuff (like I said previously, so inappropriate I won't even bother to mention it) in order to get into the guys' league.

This was her eason for her joining Anonymous in the first place. Before long, she was already trolling random people on the internet for kicks, making her an unknown, untrackable and notorious internet threat. But other than her sense of unleashing her anger on random people, she is also known for unleashing unavoidable threats with no counter-attack to internet troublemakers everywhere (to give you an idea of what I mean by "troublemakers", we're talking pedophiles, people notorious for their bestiality online, other hackers, people like that). These threats were lethal to their receivers, because Kayla had the power to leak personal information to the public or the feds.

Kayla is also aided by a party of other hackers, who assist her in hacking jobs. After she decided to join Anonymous, the cyber-terrorists were almost unstoppable. With Kayla on their side, they transformed from an amateur, unorganized and shattered group of computer griefers into a professional, organized and lethal cadre of hackers that have been promoted by the public into "domestic terrorists". This may be a bit of a weak position for such an organized group of hackers, but they are about to be known globally as the ultimate cyber-terrorists we now know.

Next up is another biography (DON'T PANIC! The bios are going to come to an end sooner or later, just a few more chapters), followed by an epic story of how Anonymous rose up to be known worldwide. But that's another chapter. Hopefully you guys will stay with me for the remaining chapters, something big is about to go down...

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