Friday, March 21, 2014

We are Anonymous Chapter 1

Hey guys, I've got some news for you (bad or good, that's up to you). My dad has told me to change books from  The Hunger Games to this book about a legion of deadly hackers called We Are Anonymous. Don't complain or gripe; this is not up to me. Honestly, if I could choose, I'd stick with The Hunger Games, but it might be worth changing books as to not anger my dad. So without further ado, let's start the summary already!

The book opens in the eyes of Aaron Barr, a digital security executive who had just come face-to-face with Anonymous on an eventful day of the Super Bowl. His day just went from hero to zero. It  started with a few "malfunctions" with his web accounts. First his iPhone received a heinous email: "cannot receive mail". Despite his useless efforts to log in again, his email account was still AWOL. Even worse, when he tried to log in to EVERY SINGLE WEB ACCOUNT HE HAD, his password was always rejected. Apparently someone, or some people, were messing with him.

He later discovered who were the people cutting him off of his web accounts. A group of shady hackers named "Anonymous", who weren't your typical everyday hacking guys; these people seemed to be like professionals; Apparently so skilled at their jobs that they even left a terrifying tagline after successfully pulling off a hacking job:
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

To make this group even more professional-looking, they even had a few logos representing them. On their digital flyers and messages, they'd have a logo of a man in a tuxedo with a question mark replacing where his head is supposed to be. In the background would be the background setting of the UN. Here's a picture to give you a better idea:
Other than this logo, there would be a Guy Fawkes mask representing Anonymous's, well, anonymity. So just with these logos, you can tell that Anonymous is a skilled team of pro hackers around the world that are untrackable and capable of bringing down entire governmental securities.

Anonymous has got off to a good start so far. Barr's job was as a digital security exec, so that means Anonymous have just mocked him by hacking into a digital security company. How ironic can this get? Even worse (for Barr, that is), Anonymous has successfully managed to leak all of Barr's private info all over the net. before he knew it, his first photo when posing as a "digital security guy" (whatever yo call it) was cropped onto a James Bond movie poster to insult his security work and his head was altered to look like the internet comic "Forever Alone".

So Anonymous has started its journey into the online world with a blast by trolling a security company (or at least one of its employees). It still has loads of potential, so who knows what they're  going to do next? Hack into the CIA? leeching money from the president's bank account? Well, that's to be revealed in the next, chapter. But for now, tha's all for today. Hopefully you guys weren't too mad about the sudden change of books, that was unplanned.Until then,  sayonara!

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