Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We are Anonymous Chapter 5

Well, well, well... We're BACK, guys! Witth more posts of We Are Anonymous, that is. And you guys already know what that means: More stories about hackers and the groups they worked for, more stories about Anonymmous. But fortunately for you guys out there who are quite sick with reading about hacker's bios and their history, in this chapter we are going to learn about the very thing that turned Anonymous from nuisances on the web, doing prank calls and griefing, into a worldwide organization known as global havocwreakers. Here's how it went down...

Anonymous started to propel their small faction into a large one thanks to Tom Cruise and a video the Church of Scientology wanted to keep under wraps. Cruise was a die-hard follower of Scientology, making him one of the strongest advocates for the Church. He was the star of the video that the Church wanted to keep secretly. The church did a good job keeping the video confidential up to one point.

One day, an unknown Church member decided to laek the video to one of the strongest protestors against the Church, Patty Pieniadz. Patty, as an ex-Scientologist herself, decided to wait for the perfect moment to strike, striking the spot where it would hurt the most. And when the time came, she unleashed the video onto YouTube. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral, and despite YouTube's best efforts to keep the cat in the bag, the video stuck on the Internet for eternity.

This is where Anonymous comes in. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to prove their power to the world, they decided to launch a DDoS (don't ask me what that is, apparently it's something deadly) attack on the Church aided by a machine called the Gigaloader. The attack was so succeessful, it critically "injured" the Church, which, after all it's gone through, wasn't really in the mood for accepting more offenses.

To add pain to torture, Anonymous's attack on the Church also happened in unison as the unleashing of the "haters", who just took out their wrath on the Church by releasing confidential Church documents to the public. At the same time, Anonymous also received requests from various people on the Internet begging to participate in Anonymous's attack on the Church. Together they unleasheed the power of the Gigaloader, which all the Anonymous members and followers used in unison.

In no time Anonymous was bombarding "hurtful" data at the Church, followed by many other newfangled devices that added insult to the Church's injury. Heck, they even made a YouTube account named ChurchOfScientology posting confidential information from the Church. After the dust cleared, people took Anonymous way more seriously; The feds, the FBI, all the USA special agencies. They were all involved in the hunt for this new league of hackers.

So just a gentle reminder: If you're wondering how Anonymous became world-famous in the first place, think the church of Scientology. Being the first target of Anonymous, they're the one that revealed this lethal organization to the world and got them on a rampage. Next up,we're going to learn more about Anonymous's cyber-battles with the world.


  1. DDos is Denial of Services. An attack (usually massive) to an internet server in order to bring it down.

  2. This is new infromation, so Anonymous started its attack by Ddos-ing Scientology ? Cool.