Monday, March 10, 2014

The Hunger Games Synopsis Chapter 1

Hello once again audience! where we left off, I was doing a whole bunch of summaries about this horror book called "The Shining". Well, about that, I've got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that my parents have totally REJECTED the idea of me doing a summary of "The Shining" for my blog any longer. The good news is that they allowed me to try another novel, still famous nevertheless: (hooray!) The Hunger Games Trilogy. Sorry for the sudden change of plans, but these are circumstances completely beyond my control (in other words, this is not my fault). So let's just skip the gloom and get to the synopsis.

In the first chapter, it is Reaping Day, the day where different "districts" gather in one gigantic place where thousands of the citizens' names are placed inside a container. Two names are picked from the container, and these two people are picked to symbolize the district for some gruesome annual event called the Hunger Games, apparently regardless of how young or old the chosen people are.

In some insane turn of events, the main character (named Katniss Everdeen; I suppose you know this name already from the movie if you've watched it) in the book got her sister. Her sister, Prim, who was still quite young and had zero experience in fighting in the Games. The chapter ends right after the "tribute-picking-guy" (whatever you want to call it) chooses Prim's name, leaving the reader (unless you've saw the movie or already read the book, in which case you already know what happens next) in suspense.

In this chapter, we're introduced to the Reaping, an annual picking of "tributes" who are chosen to go into an all-out brawl with other kids in other districts in an event called the "Hungr Games". It is also hinted about a relationship between Katniss and her friend, Gale, both apparently already skilled in the art of hunting and thus making them worthy Hunger Games competitors. We also learn about the gory nature of the Hunger Games, where all the tributes kill each other and find out who comes out at the top.

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