Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 22

Hey guys, and welcome back to more We Are Anonymous summaries. Today, we are going to find out what happened to lulzSec after the unfortunate capture of Sabu. Maybe they went paranoid and decided to lay low? I don't know. So don't let me hold you back, let's just get straight into it, shall we?

After Sabu's arrest, the team decided to take extra safety precautions. They didn't know that Sabu was actually arrested, news about that hadn't reached them yet. So they decided to kill off his IRC account after an unusually long period of time being idle (just in case the cops were watching) and took a few other precaution. Finally, Topiary received a call from the long-gone hacker. Topiary was so relieved to hear Sabu's voice again, he didn't even care to check if the call was being logged by the authorities (which, by the way, they were doing).

After the call with Sabu, Topiary decided to take a few more precautions by re-encrypting and typing new passwords for his various Web accounts. Meanwhile, Sabu was revealed to be made into a FBI agent after his short period in prison. He tried to spend as short time as possible online as to not compromise the identity of his fellow hackers. Topiary was also experiencing some trouble in his real life. For instance, a druggie told him that the cops were looking for him at his house. All this made Topiary more cautious and arrange his house to be as normal as possible.

Meanwhile in LulzSec, a new member joined the hackers; a hacker named Ryan. He was quite a skilled hacker, assisting in the hosting of Encyclopedia Dramatica and made his online life look like that of a millionaire (in real life, he wasn't really rich). Despite a few mischievous deeds he did in the past (and believe me, there were a few that involved Anonymous), Topiary became quickly interested in Ryan, and welcomed him to the team. While doing so, he also managed to do something that he wanted the Anons to do from a long time ago; make their hacking raids more interesting (making prank calls, intercating with the public, etc). This idea made LulzSec more interesting to the public, and also resulted in more followers (LulzSec, of course, stayed incognito).

Ryan also played a part in the hacks; he possessed an extremely powerful botnet that was capable of hacking a ton of different websites, such as the gaming company Bethesda. The team also used the botnet to help Julian Assange (if you remember, he was a founding member of WikiLeaks) and give him a bit of relief. How? They attacked the CIA, who, by some weird coincidence, was one of WikiLeaks' hunters at the time. In response to this selfless act, Assange and his "assistant"  decided to meet with Sabu (I don't know if at this time, he was still under the command of the FBI or not) and Topiary about further operations.

Finally, LulzSec settled upon joining forces with WikiLeaks, searching through encrypted files for any sign of government corruption for Assange and the WikiLeaks team. And with that the chapter ends. What do you think will happen next? Will the alliance carry on any further? Or will LulzSec eventually go back to their normal business? Find out in the next summary, OK? Hope you guys aren't too mad! Goodbye!

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