Saturday, April 26, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 19

Hey guys, and today we are back with more We Are Anonymous summaries. Now at that last summary, I was leaving you at a cliffhanging point of the book; after their masive assault on the PBS network, the hackers' fate was unknown. At least until today. Today we are going to discover the fate of these legendary hackers and what happened to them next. So without further ado, why not we find out what DID happen to the Anons?

As you may have guessed, at the beginning of the chapter the Anons have received some newfound fame. With this newfound fame came a new and pretty powerful enemy; an ex-military hacker dubbed "The Jester". This hacker was known for his notoriety with Anonymous, mainly because of his participation in a recent DDoS attack on WikiLeaks. Shortly afterwards (for some unknown reason), he helped take down the Westboro Baptist Church's websites (remember that Church that patrolled around cities with signs saying "God Hates Fags" everywhere? Yep, that was them).

After the assault on PBS, the Anons decided they needed to "upgrade" their little hacking group. Firstly, they needed to add an IRC channel. This would act as their "mission control". They also needed to get EVEN MORE crew for their hacking antics, which were also getting bigger and better. And while they were at it, they decided to research a bit more about vulnerabilities on the web that they could attack and narrowed down the potential hackers that could join LulzSec (by the way, if you were wondering, the hackers refused to allow their friends to join LulzSec, mainly because they would want to leak the classified information all over the place).

After getting some veteran hackers to join their team, there was an attack on LulzSec; a Twitter account named FailSec had nested a few hundred followers, supposedly for any LulzSec haters. It turns out that the account was also used to give away hints leading to the team's whereabouts, eventually (if not stopped) leading to arrest. They discovered the perpetrator; Private Bradley Manning, who also attempted to stop the Anons from using as an HQ.

The Anons then decided to go after the Jester, who has been an increasingly annoying pain in the butt over the last few days. He constantly attempted to compromise the Anons' identities, making him a priority target. For this, the Anons decided to launch a DoS attack on the pest and his minions. A DoS attack was basically a DDoS attack, only with the front "D" removed ("D" for "distributed"), so this meant that the DoS attack was piloted by A SINGLE computer instead of multiple ones, unlike a typical DDoS attack.

However, the hacker piloting the DoS attack (just an FYI, his online name's Storm) was also assisted by a few other elite hackers such as Topiary and Kayla. These hackers were responsible for checking out the status of the downed websites every now and then. To make a long hacking operation short, the hackers managed to take down the Jester's (and his followers') websites and leak it on the Internet (before they leaked the website, they put the website back on. Yes, you can actually do this).

With that, another annoying website on the Internet has been downed by the skilled hackers. They then issued to LulzSec to keep their team as tight-knit as possible. However, popularity was rising, and you know the rule; more popularity, more criticism. But as we have seen with all the previous stunts the Anons have pulled, we're pretty sure they'll make it out of this one all alive and well. Or will they? Well, the only way to find out is... (drumroll) FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER! But for now, goodbye!

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