Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 17

Hey everybody, and welcome back to more We Are Anonymous summaries. Today we are going to discover what happened to that tight-knit, isolated Anonymous team that had no choice but to quit their group. Are they going to get pay those people who ratted their beloved hacker organization back, or are they going to lay low until they think the time is right? Well, don't let me stop you, let's find out!

The chapter starts off with our fellow hackers Topiary, Sabu and Kayla realizing that with all the chaos going on in their once controlled group Anonymous, it was time to turn their tiny group of hackers into a massive hacking organization, much like Anonymous used to be. To start, they decided to represent Anonymous by attacking the oppressors of free expression in order to start bringing order to the online world.

Kayla was a vital part of the group, being the one controlling a powerful web script (for those of you who don't know, a web script is a program that automatically scans websites on the Internet for ANY sign of vulnerability, any sign at all. The results were great. For instance, in the course of two days the script had already managed to come up with hundreds of thousands of user details on the Internet, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

The next step was to recruit more hackers to join their cause in order to turn their tiny group of hackers into a populated community of hackers. For starters, they recruited people who "either didn't know what they were doing or solely wanted to steal from people". They also called in people who were having "family issues", any hacker that might fit in a description of a hacker. As a result, Anonymous finally had a good team of skilled up and ready to go against the world.

Then the hackers attacked the TV channel Fox, and discovered that the channel contained 73 thousand e-mail addresses and passwords for the employees and journalists in Fox who wanted to receive updates from the famous talent show The X Factor. The Anons decided to nest in there for a while, leeching tons of data from Fox while they were at it. "Why were the Anons attacking Fox?" you may ask. Well, the answer is that this channel was responsible for being a "right-wing media force" in the online world, and this was one thing that the online world really despised.

It took a week for Fox's IT team to notice the breach in the system, and by then the website was already heavily leaked. Topiary then quoted that the new hacking group was "more hardworking and respectful". Soon the hacking group was getting famous, attracting all kinds of attention from the public. It wasn't all day that the online world saw a small group of hackers capable of hacking famed websites and hacking for the people. They knew that this group was Anonymous material.

After all the dust cleared with Fox, it was the moment that the hackers were waiting for; time to reveal themselves to the world. They revealed themselves to the public as Lulzec, a "community of hackers who hated the drabness of the cyber-community". The online world now obviously knew that these new hackers were to change the world.

So what will happen next? Will the hackers continue their route or dump it in the sake of keeping their notoriety low? Well, whatever happens next, we'll find out later in the next chapter summary of We Are Anonymous. But for now, it's time to close this post. Goodbye!

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