Thursday, April 10, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 14

Hey people, today I'm going to present to you another We Are Anonymous, and this time we're looking at a different point of view; this time we're peering from the eyes of Jennifer Emick, the Anon hater who has sworn to reveal their true identities and intentions. Without further ado, let's get this summary started already!

Emick first started her time online as a cyber-cop by arresting the users of LOIC (most people didn't really care about the fact that using LOIC could land them in the big house) and other illegal softwares related to hacking. With Emick's assistance, the government would later issue 40 search warrants in the United States, which was followed by the arrest of 16 suspects (yes, I realize that; so early in the chapter and Emick had already accomplished so much).

Then came the discovery of another hacker organization; a group named DigitalGangsters. They had hacked into the personal accounts of several famous celebrities and high-ranking officials of America (among those were Obama's official Twittter account). There was also another important event that happened as well; a hacker named YTCracker has decided to join forces with Emick to take down Anonymous, who, like Emick, also thought that the Anons were a despicable organization who were misunderstood as "heroes" by the public and were actually wolves in sheepskin.

However, the Anons were also aware about YTCracker's rivalry with them. Kayla, for instance, was determined to knock this opponent out of the competition by sending YTCracker insults about being hacked by a 16-year old girl (this actually happened back when Kayla was 16, but let's not get to that). However, this was not enough for the hacker to relent. While all the quarreling happened, Emick was still busy doing what she'd usually do on her computer, making more progress.

Emick was so absorbed in turning in the Anons that she hardly spent time outside her computer. She'd usually get her kids to make dinner for her while she gets more leads on the Anons. Everyone else was busy mingling around the house while she was in her office along with her files, notebooks, desk lamps, all the bells and whistles. She'd usually be seen tracking down IP addresses in hopes of locating an Anonymous member lurking in there.

Emick was close to tracking down Sabu, who was overconfident about his secrecy online. Without much trouble, she tracked down "Hector Xavier Monsegur" (which, if you remember, is Sabu's real name), as Sabu didn't take much effort into covering this name up, thinking that there were so many people with the name "Hector Monsegur" on the Internet. Needless to say, this was how Emick managed to leak Sabu's true identity to the public.

However, the Anons heard about Emick's treasure trove of info about the Anons' personal information that could destroy their online lives. They had to stop Emick from unleashing all this info to the public so they could stay incognito. But will the hackers succeed in doing so? And if so, how were they going to keep the cat in the bag? Anonymous was trying as hard as they could to cover up their identities. But will they live to hack another day? We'll find out later in the next chapter of We Are Anonymous, shall we?

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