Sunday, April 13, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 15

Hello and welcome back everyone! Today I am going to continue the We Are Anonymous summaries. This time, some of our heroes (if that's the right word) have either been exposed by Jennifer Emick's anti-hacker group or bored of Anonymous's typical activities around the Internet. They have now formed their own tight-knit group of hackers who are "even more secret" than Anonymous. You know what? I should stop rambling on and just tell you the story. Here it is...

The story opens with Topiary being bored of the everyday activities in his hacking group, and decided tthat he wanted to move on to something more entertaining, something he REALLY lend a hand. Because of these reasons, he decided to take a small break from all the hacking activities in Anonymous and also from his computer, and decided to move house from his small home in a remote island and go to a place where hee could study at college and get a job.

However, Topiary wasn't the only one who planned to break away from Anonymous. He was accompanied by his close hacker friends (Sabu, Kayla and a few other hackers were also either bored/at risk of being discovered/already discovered/all of the above, causing them to break away from the Anons and join Topiary undercover) and together, they took refuge in Sabu's own server. It was one of the only safe places for such a tight group of hackers to operate, after all.

The server was as properly equipped for hacking as Batman is properly equipped for fighting crime. The server had its own IRC channel (to communicate with each other), acted as the hackers' own HQ, it had everything a lone group of hackers would require for their deeds of "justice". Heck, it even had their own place to post hacking operations (although not as refined as the Anons' "mission control", it still does the job for a group of isolated hackers). It was like Anonymous, only with less members.

Turns out being away from such a well-known group of hackers like Anonymous had its advantages. For one, The IRC operators couldn't turn you in to the feds. As a matter of fact, the Anons started to mistrust IRC operators for ratting out a few Anonymous members. All around the world, Anonymous was losing people. By June of 2011, at least 79 Anons from 8 countries were arrested under accusation of being connected with Anonymous.

Meanwhile, the small ex-Anonymous group was left untouched by the authorities. And to cover up his notoriety online, Topiary made up an "accidentally leaked" Internet log which discussed about his "recent arrest" in his house. This way, on the Web there'd be a big rumor that'd probably keep people off his track (at least for now) and he could continue his hacking activities. He plotted this with some fellow hackers who agreed to assist their troubled brother.

It seemed that Topiary and his friends made the right decision to stay in their small group. They heard that Anonymous hackers are no longer brave enough to sign into their IRC channels. An IRC operator ratted out the names of 653 nicknames that belonged to Anonymous, and you could already guess the mayhem this has caused. Ever since then, nobody was brave enough to operate IRC in Anonymous again.

So how long will Topiary & friends hold out? How long will it take for them to decide whether it's safe to return to their original home? Find out at the next chapter, some other day. Goodbye for now!

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