Saturday, April 5, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 12

Heelo and welcome back guys! If you saw my last post, we are done with the first part of We Are Anonymous and are moving on to part two (and therefore, chapter 12) of the book. In this chapter, The Anons will encounter have a bit of a rough conversation with the media about their well-known deeds on the internet and basically, try to keep the fire under control. This is a rough summary of what happened during the media's attack on the hackers...

The story opens with Topiary's newly found fame on the Internet (actually, he was already originally famous, but he became EVEN MORE famous. Can you imagine that?). His reason for fame was because of his hacking technique; due to his cheerful and mischievous nature, he was loved by many Anonymous fans, who loved of his hacking (accompanied by his fun way of doing the hacking) ways. Every time Jake Davis logged on to Anonymous as "Topiary", he would get at least half a dozen e-mails by Topiary lovers filled with requests of the target Topiary should strike next.

Other than Topiary's newly found fame, the Anon fans also requested Anonymous to strike at Westboro Baptist Church (that's the second church already. What's wrong with some people?), which was known for flooding soldiers' funerals with giant signs saying "GOD HATES FAGS" (literally written in Caps Lock on the signs). Apparently this made the people mad, requesting Anonymous to dispatch of this "religious" church. Anonymous agreed to assault Westboro.

Soon the bell was rang. Some random guy posted a public e-mail on Anonymous's website. The e-mail said that Westboro will pay for being "graceless sociopaths" and "maniacal chauvinists". Soon Westboro sent back an e-mail to Anonymous saying "Bring it on!" and that Anonymous was a team of "pimple-faced nerds". Before long, the "assault" was turning into more of a cyberbully attack than an assault. Regardless of the never-ending insults, Anonymous managed to take down Westboro's key website,, as well as other websites related to Westboro.

The David Pakman Show was a current affairs show that discussed mostly about what was going on in Westboro lately. Seeing Anonymous as an opportunity to discuss about Westboro's affairs with the hackers, Pakman (the owner of the show) decided to make an interview with the Anons' business with Westboro. Pakman interviewed Topiary (who they used as a representative for Anonymous) about Anonymous's business with Westboro. Topiary said to Pakman that they just took down two websites by Westboro so far; "" and "".

As for Topiary's response to the "crybaby hackers" letters from Westboro, Topiary said that Anonymous's response to the letter was mature (which Pakman's assistant responded to sarcastically for quite a along time) and that they only wanted to speak for the people and try their best not to go to war with Westboro. However, Pakman's assistant kept on insulting Anonymous throughout the interview with sarcastic comments and remarks that Anonymous will still stay a band of criminals no matter what deeds they did to the people. The assistant said that as long as the Anons griefed online websites, they would stay be online criminals and not forces of good.

The interview of Anonymous and Pakman (and his assistant) was posted on YouTube, with millions of views. Topiary's greatest fear was that his identity would be compromised during the interview. Since it was such a big event, he didn't use any voice-altering device for the interview or anything that would make his voice different or anything. Topiary made a mental note that Pakman's assistant should be targeted for griefing. It was time for Anonymous to shine.

Next time on We Are Anonymous, Topiary will be going through some coflicts witth his identity. The authorities, the cops, everyone would be chasing after him now. Will he live to hack another day or will this be the end of Jake Davis? We'll find out later in chapter 13 of We Are Anonymous. Until then, I'll be seeing you by  (at least) tomorrow. Peace out!

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