Thursday, April 17, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 16

Hey people, and welcome back to more We Are Anonymous summaries. In this chapter, The ex-Anonymous members in the previous chapter have started to think of starting a revolution against those who have leaked their identities, insulted them, or did anything that was considered treacherous by the hackers. Topiary, Sabu and a few other hackers have decided to take revenge on those who have done bad to them. This is their story...

The story starts from Topiary's point of view. He is currently living the life of an Internet-less person, which meant he had more things to be done at home now that not much can be done online. He had time to iron his clothes, read long books, and most importantly, study at a local college. Some days he'd just sit in an Indian restaurant and treat himself with some curry and fries, bread and beer. He was now more active than he usually was now that he was away from the computer screen more often (although sometimes he DID spend some time at the computer, it wasn't much, just a few stuff related to social media and text messages), going out more and getting more activities done.

Meanwhile, Sabu got into a bit of a jam in his life. The feds almost busted him for looking extremely similar to "someone they were looking for", who was right there in front of their faces. The cops examined him and said that he looked extremely alike to the suspect (in the photo, Monsegur DID look like the guy in the photo, with the same tattoos and a few other similar characteristics). Sabu, who looked almost exactly alike to the suspect, was about to be brought in to the police station. Fortunately for the hacker, right when the cops were about to get him in the car, their radio said that they found ANOTHER "boy" who matched the suspect's picture. With that, Sabu was off the hook.

After that close call, Sabu decided to take a look at the facts about Anonymous. In his investigation, he realized that most people thought of the Anons as criminals, heroes, or just hackers looking for thrills. Sabu wanted to help the Anons make a project so big, it would change the way the skeptic people think about them. For this assignment, he would need a team of elite hackers capable of taking the heat of the giant project, and he knew just where to find these.

He invited Topiary and Kayla into the field, telling them that their assignment was to hack the FBI. Both hackers were excited with the idea of the project, and jumped right in. Together the three elite hackers mucked up the passwords of the FBI's important members' passwords. They would hack into their accounts and start making up new passwords (which, thanks to some hacking securities, would take up quite some time to fix up) while leeching e-mails (tens of thousands of them) that would give them access to PayPal accounts of FBI users. This was the perfect crime, and soon they were about to go public.

So that's the end of chapter 16. What will happen next, I wonder? Will the Anons succeed in showing off their great crime? Or will they (almost) get busted... AGAIN? Well, that'll come in the next summary. Goodbye for now!

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