Thursday, April 3, 2014

We Are Anonymous Overall Summary Part 1

Dear readers, it brings me sorrow (just a bit, to be honest) to tell you that chapters 1-11 in We Are Anonymous has come to an end, and with it, part 1 out of 3 of the book. In times like this, the time isn't really right to instantly skip to the next part of the book without realizing what Anonymous has done over the past 11 chapters. So before we move on to the next part of the book, let's take a bit of time to reflect on what the Anons have done in the recent years.

First, we learnt about the first known Anonymous attack in history; the assault on Aaron Barr's Web account and the humiliation he got from other people on the Net afterwards. His private e-mails appearing on the Web as torrents, his poor mug being used in various "memes" and comics on the Internet (I don't know if you remember, but his face did appear on a James Bond movie poster to insult his "security skills" and on a popular comic on the Internet called "Forever Alone").

Then we also learned about 4chan, the popular Anonymous hangout site on the Net, and how 4chan came to be the life essence of William (remember him?), a young Anon who was immune to the adult world at such a young age and was the start of many advancements in the world of Anonymous. This guy was a very important member of the Anons, founding so many different things for the Anons to make their life in hacking a lot easier. We also learned about William's acts of vigilantism, which he lashed out on pedophiles, other hackers and other online criminals.

Then we learned about Topiary's (Jake Davis) mischievous personality and his significant sense of humor over the other Anons, prank calling restaurants and hacking into an online game named Habbo (come to think of it, hacking into an online game wasn't really related to Topiary's sense of humor, but it WAS still mischievous, so I guess that's still worth a mention). He also helped Anonymous a bit by improving their comms system like William did, only just a bit less.

Afterwards we learned about the underdog girl hacker, Kayla and her life as an underestimated girl who was harassed on the Web for her gender. We also learn about Wesley Bailey, the ex-man (now woman due to some gender-changing pills) who was interested in the Anonymous business and became a member of the organization. He was also known for being a turncoat in the sake for her Anonymous "hater" friend, Jennifer Emick (I'll explain more about her later).

Then we discovered (actually, the Anons discovered it) about WikiLeaks' accidental leak of EXTREMELY RESTRICTED information from the American authorities (and by EXTREMELY RESTRICTED I mean the kind of info that could get you in jail for life or something like that), which led to a chain reaction of events that ended up in Anonymous saving WikiLeaks' butt from extermination from the Web by eliminating any WikiLeaks-opposing website that poses (or at least, will potentially pose) as a threat to WikiLeaks grave condition.

Soon afterwards we found out about Sabu (Hector Monsegur), the poor kid whose family was in a critical condition. We saw his struggle to help his family, his lust to seek justice, and the awesome stunt he pulled off against the Tunisian government. We then learned about the Anonymous to-be member turned hater, Jennifer Emick and her rebellion against the hackers and her heinous (if "heinous" is the right word for a person dedicated to compromise the identity of the leaders of a hacker organization) plot to uncover the alter egos of the Anonymous leaders. Little did they know, she was working with the now female Wesley Bailey (named "Laurelai") who leaked the identities of the Anons because of Laurelai's sympathy for Emick.

That's what happened during Part One of the book (at least everything important). Tomorrow we shall proceed with We Are Anonymous. I wonder, what shall happen next? Will there be other websites that need saving? Will there be another threat to the Anons that will leak their identities? Well, we'll find out next time. As for now, it's time to say farewell to part 1. See you next time!

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