Thursday, April 24, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 18

Hey guys and girls, and welcome back to more We Are Anonymous summaries. After the rise of a tiny hacking group, what will they do next? Will they prove their immense power online or wait for the right time to strike? Well, I'm not going to leave you guys in suspense now that we're going to find out anyway, so this is what happened:

The chapter opens with the Anons planning to use Twitter as a weapon to promote their popularity in the online world. (in case you forgot, this new hacking group was named "LulzSec") "How?" you may ask. Well, that's simple. Remember that small attack on Fox that Anonymous conducted a chapter ago? That's how. LulzSec started to offend Fox publicly, calling the online world and Anonymous to join in on insulting Fox. This way, they could attract a ton of attention from many people around the Internet, and in no time LulzSec received tons of followers.

LulzSec was getting so popular, even ex-Anonymous haters joined their Twitter. One of these amazing examples were Aaron Barr (yes, you heard that right. The exact same dude who was the victim of the first Anonymous attack in history), who had quit his job as a security executive and turned into a LulzSec supporter. In fact, as a supporter of Anonymous, he helped the Anons compromise three thousand ATM machines, stole Fox databases, and many other things that proved invaluable for the Anons. Quite amazing for a guy who used to work in an Internet security company.

Meanwhile, Topiary was maintaining a tighter relationship with Kayla. Kayla was teaching Topiary new tips and tricks on how to cheat the Internet. In no time, Topiary has stocked his operating systems with a ridiculously huge amount of MP3 files (he filled the disks with up to 40 gigabytes worth of MP3 files), and had thousands of songs on his MP3 player. And this was all thanks to Kayla. Despite his relationship with Kayla, though, Topiary was still mystified with Kayla's methods of avoiding detection on the Internet (for instance, she would fool people into mistaking her current time zone by saying at 2:00 p.m.; "Just woke up, early morning XD).

While all this stuff was happening in the world of LulzSec, The Anons discovered a PBS news program named "Frontline" showed a documentary about a topic the Anons really detested: The "crimes" of Julian Assange (who, by the way, is the creator of WikiLeaks). For this, the hackers launched an assault on Frontline's PBS network and wreaked havoc; They added irrelevant memes on the website, went prank-calling the PBS networks and other mischievous acts. Sure enough, this was sufficient to convince the online world that Frontline had been dealt with.

To end the chapter, the Anons decided to make sure that Frontline had been dealt with once and for all. For this, they prepared for the grand finale, which was to make a final web page insulting Frontline. They timed this attack perfectly, for it was Labor Day, the day where hardly any exciting events happened. This was a slow day for the newspapers, so at the mention of Frontline's current condition, the news were eager to (possibly) exaggerate it and show this news to the world, which also meant the people who didn't really use the Internet.

Another day, another successful attack. At this rate, LulzSec would attract the attention of the world in a matter of DAYS. I wonder what'll happen next? Another attack? Or will they lay low to evade the authorities and keep them off their trail? Well, we'll find out later. Goodbye for now!

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