Monday, May 5, 2014

We Are Anonymous Chapter 23

Hey guys, and welcome to another summary of We Are Anonymous. Today, We are going to learn the fate of LulzSec. Last time, we saw Sabu get arrested and sent to prison and was reported to be working with the FBI. Despite this, LulzSec kept on hacking and pulled off great feats of hacking. Now you may be wondering, what'll happen next? Well, let's find out!

As a result of LulzSec's last assault, The hackers encountered more enemies. And more enemies meant more trouble for the hackers. These new hostiles were people from 4chan, who were jealous of LulzSec's amazing hacking raids. Plus, a few LulzSec fans went a bit too far by giving out Topiary's account details to the public. People everywhere used these account details to hack tons of website accounts everywhere. However, Topiary looked at the bright side, seeing this as an opportunity to get more fame from the public. Thanks to Topiary's optimistic point of view, LulzSec managed to get more control over their followers. So this was actually an opportunity for LulzSec!

Meanwhile, Ryan was getting even more annoying with his desperate pleas for attention in LulzSec while there was an organization named Antisec, a group ultimately dedicated to shutting down LulzSec once and for all. And Antisec wasn't an organization that worked for the good of the authorities, either. Antisec represented a renegade organization that was only made for destroying LulzSec. This was represented in black graffiti on a wall; a crudely drawn man in a top hat and a moustache.

Meanwhile, Ryan was also being suspected by the authorities for being a LulzSec hacker. He was at risk of being compromised by the government, who even arrived at Ryan's house and questioned his family about Ryan's potential habits as a hacker. In fact, the authorities even searched Ryan's room, which contained (other than multiple bags of potato chips, a bed and a window designed for blocking out the sunlight) about $11,340 in cash in a drawer on his desk. Topiary said that Ryan was absolutely #^(%=].

Meanwhile, LulzSec was back to their typical business. Clients were sending requests on more targets to hit. The requests contained mischievous details as well. For example, some details about a safe-driving campaign, ;) home addresses of Arizona police officers, and many more mischievous material that LulzSec can do serious damage with. However, LulzSec turned down the requests to bully the cops, mainly because it wasn't LulzSec's "style". They were vigilante hackers, not wannabe criminals.

Meanwhile, the FBI continued their ongoing pursuit to locate LulzSec, with no success. however, the hackers were also taking extra precautions now that the authorities have stepped up their game a bit. Sabu was secretly communicating with his LulzSec friends under the FBI's nose. He helpfully hinted that despite his current condition, he wanted the team to hold up even without him. It took a while for the team to let go of their captured friend, but he made it out eventually.

Sabu still gone, and not much has been happening in LulzSec lately. Will they eventually crush under the pressure? Or will they somehow, with some miracle, endure their current state and get a move on with their hacking life? Well, we'll find out in the next summary! Goodbye for now!

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