Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Strict and the Soft

Today, after going to the church, I was curious about how we use God's way in our lives. So today I have decided to write about how God would like us humans to behave.

The Holy Bible is divided into two sections. The Old and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, God shows His awesome powers to all the humans who believe in Him. In the Old Testament, if you were a follower of God and disobeyed His rules, you will receive the consequences. Examples of God "Old Testament" style is like when He parted the Red Sea in half, Set Elijah's (a prophet) offering to God on fire, and sent the Great Flood to the whole world during the event of Noah's Ark. In the Old Testament, God would punish all who disobeyed Him, which was good because it kept the humans ordered and civilized. Unfortunately, ruling people by making them follow the rules or receive the punishments meant that humans had no freedom and a bit rebellious, which is bad.

In the New Testament, God takes a completely different approach. The New Testament takes place at roughly 0 AD (Anno Domini), precisely when Jesus was born.

In the New Testament, Jesus is a physical manifestation of God (or to put it into more understandable terms, Jesus is "God on Earth"). While He was on Earth (Israel, to be more precise), He did lots of miracles and was hugely popular throughout Europe (namely Israel and Rome). He was hugely admired by most people, but as there are "likes" on YouTube videos, there are "dislikes" as well. So eventually the Romans crucified Jesus because they were afraid Jesus was going to be the "Great Ruler of the World" or something like that (don't ask me why).

Anyway, in the New Testament, Jesus lets humans have free will and make their own decisions. This is good because it makes people develop self-independence (which means you can follow the rules willfully) but since there is no warden to watch over them, humans also have the free will to do illegal stuff.

So right now humans are still deciding how they're going to live: Through the Old or New Testament. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But for sure, either way we still have to obey the law, like it or not. So we must choose now. Choose which one helps you obey the rules more. I hope that through this post you will have a better guide to your way of living. Thank you.

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