Tuesday, July 9, 2013


In this life, there are millions of things you cannot miss out on or overdose. You must have just the right amount of it or suffer the consequences. Such as food, water, and millions of other things. But these things, even though they're vital for life, you must not overdose it.

Today we're going to discuss about a thing in life that is only good in normal amounts, but have drove people insane if they have too much. I'm talking about power. People have possessed huge amounts of power and most of them, because of power, ends up getting "cracked" in the head. Then they abuse their power and gets hell-bent on world domination and stuff like that (I'm talking about actual rulers, not mental hospital patients, mind).

One good example of a powerful, a bit insane, and evil terrorist who has been driven mad by power is Osama bin Laden. He is the so-called "leader" of the "Muslims".

Bin Laden abuses this power by doing what HE thinks is right. He recruited anonymous Muslim martyrs determined to do anything for their sweet religion. Bin Laden's idea of "Muslim" acts are crashing planes to the Twin Towers in the USA. He also leads a legion of extremists that he misguides into assaulting the States. As you can see, the power has really gone to his head. Eventually he got assassinated by a group of Navy SEALs.

A good example of a to-be power-mad ruler is North Korea's insane leader, Kim Jong-un. Being the youngest person to handle nuclear power, he is the leader of North Korea’s National Defence Commission and will be able to call off the nuclear warhead barrage on the United States anytime. Because of his awesome power, it's all up to him to start the fireworks. If the power of nuclear weapons gets to his head too much, he will create a holocaust and start a rivalry between the States and North Korea. So hopefully Kim keeps his head on and acts wisely or start an act of aggression to the States.

So there. Power: you can't live without any of it and you'll become hated with too much of it. So be careful of what you do with your power, or you might end up getting hated for it. Hopefully for those of you who read this will know the seriousness of this.

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