Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today I watched World War Z with my cousins and friends. It was an amazing movie because it was the first time I ever saw Brad Pitt act in a science fiction-action-horror movie. So anyway, let's cut the insignificant bits and get straight to the point. After watching World War Z, I wondered about movies. The first thing that came to my mind was, why do people actually PAY some money for a comfortable seat and a movie? I mean, I don't know why, but it's just awkward, right? Pay some cash for a few hours of action, entertainment, and that's IT. (You also have to pay for the popcorn, too. I know, right?!) Somehow cinemas worldwide are making rivers of paper money using this strange way. Give the sufficient amount of cash for the movie, "welcome in." (A few hours later) "Like the movie? Thank you. Been a pleasure. Next time." Imagine the payment the cinema receives in a single day! (Anyway, since this post covers movies, I'm not just going to blab on about the cinema, let's discuss about something else)

I was also wondering about DVDs. People have also made thousands of dollars out of DVDs every day. Everyone goes to a DVD store to buy their favorite movies. If you're feeling kind of cheap, you could also try this next time you visit your local DVD store (don't worry, this is legal, no police officer will bust you for this):

1. Gather up a large group of people and decide what DVDs you want to buy.
2. Buy DVDs you want to buy. The more people in your group, the more DVDs you can buy.
3. (IMPORTANT) Do NOT buy more than a single copy of a single DVD, You'll see why in step 5.
4. (Optional, but will help save money) When it's time to pay for the DVDs, decide how to split up the total of money required to buy the DVDs so each person will pay his share.
5. Here comes the diabolical part: (In step 3 I told you not to buy more than a single copy of one DVD; This is why...) Each copy of a DVD can be used to be recorded by a person in some way. Then THAT DVD can in turn be used by another person to be recorded in some way as well.

Alternatively, you can also borrow a DVD you want from a friend who has DVDs you want. After borrowing the DVD, execute Operation Cheapskate Movie (Step Five).

Well, I hope that this post will entertain and (hopefully) help some people. See you until the next post!

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