Saturday, July 20, 2013


I've been noticing that humans have millions of wishes, and when any of these wishes come true, we continue seeking other new wishes. Say, a guy wanted 'Battlefield 3' for his birthday. When this day finally came, he thanked God. He played it until he was done with the campaign and all the bonus missions and all the Easter Eggs and stuff like that. Soon the guy got bored and the next thing you know, he's praying to God so he could have 'Call of Duty Black Ops 2' on Christmas, and when THAT wish came true, he'd play it for a few more months and he would wish for the latest 'Assassin's Creed' and the cycle will go on and on until he either passed away or stopped playing video games.

All of us have unlimited wishes, and that has improved and degraded the human race. First, let me start with the good side of our unlimited wishes. Our never-ending need of luxury has led us to improve our technology. How? Well, remember the old days, when our primitive neanderthal ancestors discovered FIRE? Fire was one of the best discoveries made by us. It could be used as a weapon of destruction, a light source, and as a vital cooking device. But the human's need of luxury improved us. If it weren't for our strange never-ending hunger, we would be stuck back at the Stone Age. Soon over time we discovered new, strange and helpful devices that made our lives better, such as electricity, the telephone, the light bulb, and other life-changing items. All this thanks to our eternal yearning of luxury. So it's a gift. But this hunger has a bad side too, as I'm about to tell you.

Unlimited wishes have also corrupted this beautiful human planet. Petty criminals can turn global terrorists with their evil wishes. Imagine if one day, in the rather impossible event that someone ruled Earth, he might get bored of ruling the same old familiar planet and turn his invasion up a notch and try to (if it's possible) rule other planets. If he succeeds in executing THAT, (God forbid) he might plan on conquering entire galaxies (call me insane if you like, because this may be pretty much impossible) and eventually, THE UNIVERSE!!! (evil laughter) Anyway, I think I should stop fantasizing and start to focus on the real world.

So that's human yearning for you. Just like all those other things I put in my previous posts, it might improve or shatter the human race. Just like in my previous posts, I leave you my regular message: Think about it. Having unlimited wishes are not illegal (so that's okay then, you can buy as many stuff as you want), but when your wishes reach a global scale, watch your step.
"All right! Thank you for that huge pile of money! Now I w
ant... MORE!"

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