Monday, July 15, 2013

True Justice

Don't we humans always wonder what real justice is? Different people have different opinions. Some people, such as the police, believe that true justice is arresting a criminal and putting them behind bars. Some other people believe that true justice is killing the criminal on the spot. God's belief of justice follows the police. But truly, which one is better? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of justice, the Police Way or the Vigilante Way.

Using the Police Way is recommended more. One, you don't have to commit a sin by killing the evil person using the Police Way. You only have to put him in prison. But the disadvantages of the Police Way of Justice is that in the rare event that the evildoer escapes from his prison, he will most likely seek out the person who put him in jail in the first place. When the escaped convict has eventually met the person who put him in jail, the felon will do horrible things to the do-good person, probably kill the person.

Using the Vigilante Way is much safer when you don't want to be haunted by the criminal later on, but is much harder to do than the Police Way. You will have to kill the criminal, and killing people is one of the hardest things to do when the person holding the gun is not cold-hearted. Kind and virtuous people have doubts when it comes to pulling the trigger. Not only that: Even if you actually manage to kill the criminal, you will also have to cover up your tracks, so the criminal's murder cannot be traced back to you. You risk being on a wanted list for murder, and as far as I know only police forces and SWAT teams have the authorization to take down criminals. So although the Vigilante Way makes sure that the criminal doesn't haunt you later, it might replace the criminal with police forces, the FBI, and at worst, maybe the army.

So in the rare case any of you reading this are cops or anti-criminal specialist agents, I recommend you guys to go for the Police Way (maybe you already know this because your superiors recommend you arrest the criminal instead of kill him, but as for the army guys reading this out there, your superiors probably authorize you to use deadly force, but I don't know), but it's for your own good. I hope this post will help you just in case you meet any deadly outlaws and you know how to dispatch them in the best way.
Vigilante or Police? Your choice!

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