Sunday, July 28, 2013

Evolution VS Creation

Ever since the discovery of old fossils of primitive humans, people started to stop believing in the Holy Bible and started to believe in Charles Darwin and his book of old fossils that may have been our ancestors. According to the Holy Bible, the first sign of human existence started when God created Adam and Eve. Now to this day, people are still arguing about which side is more accurate: Evolution (Charles Darwin and his book of old fossils that may have been our ancestors) or Creation (God, the Holy Bible and Adam and Eve)?

In theory, Evolution may be more historically correct compared to Creation, but I have a crazy belief of my own: Maybe the truth is a crazy combination between Creation and Evolution. Here's my theory: (it may sound a bit insane, but here goes...)

My belief of the human ancestors are like this: Maybe it was true that God may have created Adam and Eve, but in the Holy Bible it didn't say that they were Homo Sapiens just like modern humans, maybe they were part of the Australopethicus family, or the Neanderthals or some other primitive human ancestor. Over time, maybe Adam and Eve's heir evolved into more intelligent, advanced humans.

Now if you were wondering, "Jason, what about all those primitive animal fossils that may have possibly co-existed with Adam and Eve?". Well, possibly animals such as the Diatryma and the Andrewsarchus DID co-exist with our ancestors, although the Holy Bible suggests otherwise. But there you go: my insane theory about evolution.

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