Monday, July 22, 2013


Have any of you ever thought what it was like to live life on the run, a dangerous outlaw with a price on his head so big he could not get into a civilized town without attracting attention? Most people live on the run because they're framed of a crime, done an illegal act, and many other reasons. Life as an outlaw is very difficult, because you must not attract any unnecessary attention or the cops will be instantly on you. If you're a ruthless terrorist, it will be much easier to get the authorities on you. Here's a small guide to an outlaw's life. (I haven't done any research on the topic yet, so this is life as an outlaw only as far as I know it)

1. Outlaws choose a good hideout
The first thing an outlaw will do is find a good place to lay low. Good places outlaws use as their hideout are (this bit may sound a bit like the hideouts in comics they talk about, so forgive me if it sounds a bit insane) isolated and remote places, possibly in an uncharted island, or underground. But most terrorists decide to change hideouts now and then or possibly just 'blend in' with the community around them. If their hideout's compromised, THEN they relocate.

2. Outlaws don't call attention
Another VERY IMPORTANT thing an outlaw must ALWAYS remember (note the CAPS-LOCK in 'very important' and 'always') that they must live their lives undercover and out of sight of authorities. If they get captured by the police or the SWAT or the FBI or any other do-good agency, they might get the DEATH sentence, the VERY LONG prison sentence, or prison sentence for LIFE. If the outlaw attracts police attention, well, unless he has an escape plan, he might be able to live free another day. If he DOESN'T have an escape plan, well, he'll have to make it up as he goes along.

3. Outlaws find survival supplies cleverly
Last but not least, an outlaw must be smart because he must live his ENTIRE LIFE undercover, and still has to survive. But this bit won't be too hard as long as the outlaw does it carefully. (e.g. what I mean by 'easy' is not doing anything stupid while purchasing the supplies, like shout or cheer, well, you get the idea, right?) If the said outlaw is a global-scale terrorist, it might be significantly harder for him to find supplies, as people will recognize him immediately and if the outlaw has a price on his head, a person near him will probably instantly snatch him and bring him to the nearest police station.

I hope this post will be helpful to some people, such as the authorities and other people who need help catching criminals. This post is not meant to be help to terrorists and criminals out there, in fact the contrary. Once again, I hope I do not provoke anyone with this post and it will be used in good hands.
The perfect hideout

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