Sunday, July 7, 2013

Human Problems

Ever since the creation of Adam and Eve, God has high standards for us humans to behave. But are humans really the kind of perfect race created in God's image? Humans haven't really been living up to God's expectations ever since Adam and Eve bit the fruit from the "Tree of Knowledge". Plus, humans are always screwing up around God, so the expression "Made in God's image" is starting to fade.

No offense to God, but I suppose He isn't too clean when it comes to himself. In my religion studies, my teacher said that for some unknown reason, God was the one who allowed the demons and evil beings down to Earth to annoy and harass us humans. I think God wants to test our skill in resisting temptation, but he should remember, if we sin, he's only got himself to blame. After all, he's the one who let evil loose in the first place.

Just like I said before, I imagine that God unleashed evil upon the Earth in an attempt to see which humans are the strongest and solid and who would fall apart in the face of sin. If it's true, well, mission accomplished.

Whenever I think about this topic in my mind, I also try to imagine what the afterlife would be like. As all people know, there are two "kingdoms": Heaven and Hell. Heaven for all the people who have done more good than bad acts in their life, Hell the opposite. I imagine that there are giant gates leading members into each kingdom. Each kingdom would be side by side, with the gates separating the two kingdoms from each other. In the middle of Heaven and Hell would be Saint Peter, an ex-disciple of Jesus now turned Judge of God. He will decide if you deserved to go to Heaven or Hell.

But one thing bothers me about the God's rules: We cannot break the law even if it's for the greater good. For example: Have you ever heard about "white lies"? For those of you who don't know, "white lies" are lies done to a person that will benefit another. For example: Being a spy for the CIA, lying to criminals so they can get caught in a police trap, et cetera. Not only that: You also cannot kill anyone, even though that guy is Osama Bin Laden (who, by the way, got killed by the USA, and that's still a sin). For you may not kill, it's in the Ten Commandments.

I hope that this post will help you in any way later on if you need it. thank you.

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