Saturday, July 13, 2013

How To Spend Your Adulthood

I've always been confused on how to spend my later years as a grown-up. I've wondered what job I would get, if I should be an author or a philospher or what. One thing I have doubts about is my education. I haven't exactly been the teacher's pet in the class. I only know a few subjects I'm good at, like language arts, some math, some science, and a bit of art. Other than that, I 'm very bad. Due to my outstanding skill at writing, my parents have considered putting me in journalism when I get to college (college, high school, I don't really remember when you get classes like economy and journalism and stuff like that). Sounds like quite a good idea, because I usually astound people with my writing skills. So the career I'm looking forward to most is being a writer. A famous one, mind, so I would be famous worldwide and the money will start pouring in all by itself (I wish).

Another job I've considered to take is as an advertisement creator. Why? Well, not to praise myself too much, but my ideas are quite amazing if you draw it on a piece of paper, and I can turn seemingly drab events into quite creative, exciting and new happenings. Such as turning something boring like filling in for a job into a war of life and death.  So I'm highly expecting my future occupation to probably be an advertiser.

I've also thought about being a psychologist, because I usually make friends with other shunned people in a community. I do what I can to make them happy, and that works most of the time. I haven't actually done anything noticeable to other people that might prompt them to tell me to be a psychologist when I grow up, but I've helped other people calm down when they are in times of trouble, so I might think about this job so I might get a shot at it when I grow up.

So many choices, so little time. Adulthood is just around a decade away, so I've got plenty of time to choose. But once I've decided what my permanent job will be when I grow up, I've got to focus on building it up so I'll be fully prepared for it in the future. Wish me luck!
Psychologist? Author? Advertisement creator? Still deciding...

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