Monday, July 29, 2013

The True Face of Evil

When I mention the word "evil", what pops into your head first? Is it a big, evil demon that is hell-bent on destroying humanity? Or is it disguised as a temptation to tease your boss and get you into trouble? In popular media, "evil" is a big devil bent on destroying the humans, who they despise. But in real life, evil mostly goes into hiding on Earth as (almost) irresistable temptations. The devils we despise are disguised as money, video games, and other manipulating devices. Mostly humans fall for this, and fall into the hands of sin, and evil makes a laughingstock out of their victims. Yes, demons really are tricksters, and they can even be disguised as seemingly harmless entities, but can slowly manipulate us before we realize they are bad influences. Now that's the true face of evil.

One unique form of evil is (drumroll, please) a lucky charm. Yes, the small little thing you carry around in your suit and gives you good luck is actually possessed by a demon. If your lucky charm has given you good luck, that means you are trusting a devil. (No offense to anyone wearing a lucky charm out there, but according to religious beliefs, this is actually true) That's the reason why I don't wear lucky charms. I'm too afraid that people will think I'm part of the Illuminati or something.

I hope that this post will help you readers out there understand what evil truly looks like. (Once again, no offense on the lucky charm thing) Feel free to check my other posts on religion if you desire.

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