Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Happened Part 4

OK, last post about the Jogja trip. Let's just do this already. Now where did we leave off? Oh right, my definition of a "holiday". Let's do this...

Sure, we only ATE at the hotel (as opposed to staying there, as my class did during their stay), but the place in the hotel where we ate was the very same restaurant that we ate dinner during MY grade's stay at Jogjakarta. In fact, while my family and I were waiting for our food to arrive, I was busy trying to reconstruct the memory of my class eating in the restaurant. Sure, I didn't do such a good job, but it's nice to contemplate sometimes (in fact, that's what I do most of the goddamn time, even when in a huge crowd and forced to “socialize”. I'm an introvert guys, deal with it). Plus, they even had free Wi-Fi in the restaurant, so I managed to kill two birds with one stone.

Overall, the holiday was quite unique in its own right (the way we got to Jogjakarta was even MORE unique, as you're about to discover in a few paragraphs. And not in an entirely good way either, but we'll talk more about that later). For one, it was the very first time my family had ever gone any farther than Bandung (in this case, as I have pointed out several million times already, Jogjakarta) via car. Secondly, it was also the first time my family had ever stayed in multiple hotels/villas in one trip (two hotels and one not-so-great villa (once again, no offense, villa owners. I don't wanna get a lawsuit from you guys or some $#!+, but if you're gonna entertain me, add a few more entertainment devices if you ever plan to attract more guys like me (AKA people who prefer to spend their time staying in their room couch surfing/watching cable TV/ streaming videos from YouTube) to the place).

I've never been a big fan of being stuck in a tight space (in this case, a car) for extended periods of time (my parents told me it took around 8 hours to get to Semarang), unless I could be sedated for the entire journey, of course. We normally travel to such places via airplane, but my parents were all like, “f*** the plane, we gonna economize, baby.”. I don't blame them, but I guess if saving money means taking about 16 hours to get from Jogjakarta to Jakarta (seriously, that's how long the return trip took, and apparently the GPS navigation system estimated we arrive back in Jakarta by 2 PM, when in reality, it took until about 9 PM), then we gotta do what we gotta do. Speaking of which, they're also planning to get to motherf***ing BALI using a car once we manage to, so that's yet ANOTHER thing to look forward to in the future. Hooray...

Thankfully, now we're back at home, where I'm typing this, away from all the traveling bull$#!+. I should probably enjoy this while I still can, considering it's only 3 weeks until I'm due to be back in school, surviving yet ANOTHER onslaught of work for a year (excluding holidays and weekends). But until then, this is Jason, and see ye until the next post. Peace!

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