Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Seven Sins (Part 1)

Haven't posted in quite a while now. How many days has it been? Nevertheless, I should probably get a post up and running if I'm ever gonna hope to keep this stuff up. So anyway, today we're gonna talk about the seven deadly sins (I'm not sure whether I should capitalize "seven deadly sins" or not. You know, kind of like "Seven Deadly Sins". Ah, doesn't matter. Probably won't be using the words that much in the following paragraphs to come anyway. Oh right, what was I talking about before? Oh yeah) and its application to real life.

The Seven Deadly Sins (yeah, we'll go with capitalizing the front letters. Don't know why, just feels more appropriate) are the seven main, well, SINS (what else?) that have been the root of (presumably) all the evil that has been present in this world. There are seven sins, as I have mentioned three times already (including just a few words ago) in this post, and these sins are as follows:

  1. Pride
  2. Gluttony
  3. Wrath
  4. Greed
  5. Lust
  6. Sloth
  7. Envy
After observing the world's behavior for the past several years (I won't say "for the past 14 years" because I only started observing all the wrong in the world just a few years ago after realizing what an issue the world had when it came to sinning. And BELIEVE me, although I have only begun to analyze the world's evils only a few years ago, boy, have I come to realize a LOT of the horrible sins and errors the world has to offer for us), I have made a rather thorough analysis of the applications of the seven sins hidden within our world.

Let's start with Pride. Honestly, there might not be all THAT many issues related to pride in this world, and even if it is, it might not be such a huge issue for worldly issues (corruption, terrorism, etc). I mean, seriously guys, I don't think that a terrorist is gonna be bombing some random skyscraper just to show that he can (or WILL he? I might be wrong here guys, feel free to prove it anytime, I'm open to feedback (and criticism) anytime, anywhere). OK, I admit, if he does, then he's got a REALLY huge ego. But in our daily lives, ego can be a massive pain in the butt. To start with, you've got people bragging around that they're "the best" at many things (I'm not even gonna START to make a list of things that they can potentially brag about, oh heeeeeell no. That'll take way too damn long). They start bragging, discriminating, and doing some other unspeakable things to their friends and (if we're unlucky) the public. In simple words, they become a world-class jerk.

Gluttony. Now, I have had a lot of confusion between "gluttony" and "greed". Both of them basically mean overindulgence, a knack of wanting to keep everything to yourself. But as I have learnt, it turns out that "gluttony" is different from "greed" in a distinguishable way: A "glutton" is a person who wants WAY too much stuff for himself (I can hear you SCREAMING right now, "But J, greedy people do that too, idiot."), BUT the difference between a greedy and a gluttonous person is that gluttons want too many things for themselves, to the point where they cannot even take care of THEIR OWN BODIES. That's probably the main reason "gluttony" is most related to food; people with health problems related with eating habits because they eat too much rich food can be considered "gluttons", because they like to eat so much of this good (but guilty) food to the point where they can't even take care of their own bodies.

But gluttony doesn't only apply to people who love eating "guilty" foods, oh no. Gluttons can also the people spending every possible minute that they can into watching a TV screen, the Internet, social media (so just in case some people out there feel offended and are trying to find a reason to hate on me, lemme just be fair here: I'm also a glutton. And a lustful person. The fact that I'm trying to squeeze every minute of my spare time into gazing at my laptop watching YouTube videos approves of that fact. Just to be fair), the possibilities are limitless, as long as they involve the glutton not being able to control these desires to the point that they would even risk their health and body to satisfying these desires. In other words, we gluttons are slowly, willfully killing ourselves slowly, as long as we get our satisfaction.

We'll talk more about this in another post, Dad's gonna wake up any second now and flip the absolute f**k out if he finds out I'm typing this (don't ask why), so we'll continue this later again, tomorrow. Until then, see ya guys at the next post.

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