Monday, July 27, 2015

What Happened Part 1

Well guys, guess I'm back in the habit. Again. After all the stuff that had went down over the course of the past week, a lot has changed (hint: one of these changes include my dad instructing me and my brother to get back in the habit of writing blog post, so if you were trying to discover the reason why I'm writing this stuff in the first goddamn place, well, here's your answer). As some of you readers may remember, I wrote a "vacation itinerary" about my family's road trip to Jogjakarta. In case you were wondering what went down during that trip, let me give you a quick rundown of what happened. So to make a long story short, let me tell you about the important parts...

We went to Semarang, our first stop on the way to Jogjakarta. Stayed in a rather sweet hotel there. Very convenient too, considering that there was a mall attached right next to it (it's one of those hotels which has a mall that connects directly with a hotel, so they share entrances, hell, you could even take the mall's freaking ESCALATOR to get to your room in the hotel), and if you might remember, I'm the type of guy who is most comfortable when he stays at his shelter (AKA his house/hotel room/place he is currently living in) with either YouTube or cable TV to keep him company.

After two days, we departed from the hotel to a villa as a halfway "mark" for our journey. Overall, the trip to that villa was pretty nice, IF you counted a TV with only local TV channels to watch from and crappy Wi-Fi a requirement for a “good stay”. So if I had to be perfectly honest with you, it sucked ass. Needless to say, it wasn't that hard to wave goodbye to THAT place. No offense to you, villa owners, all I have to say to you is that you should probably provide better facilities for people like me next time. Just a recommendation.

Oh right, just a small footnote before we continue, many of you people who have managed to find a way to live without the disturbances of your Internet connection/cable TV (speaking of which, my parents who are probably reading this and thinking what an ungrateful piece of $#!+ I am), I'm sorry if I sound a little spoiled for you, but really, those are the only entertainment features I really care about. Anything else is not really that important. In fact, I wouldn't mind sleeping on the soil in a f***ing HOBO CAMP and still be happy as long as you get me Wi-Fi and a device that can fully use the Internet (preferably a laptop, but a smartphone will also do the trick) or cable television. I don't need no goddamn XBOX to keep me entertained or some $#!+ like that. Just good Internet connection or cable TV (preferably the former). That's all this guy asks of you. If you think he's too stuck-up, well, f*** you too.

That's all I can show you guys for today, sorry. But tomorrow, I'll get this blog up and running again. This'll probably continue until several blog posts, but we'll make it eventually, until then, Jason out, as usual. Thanks!

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