Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seven Sins Part 2

OK, so where were we? Oh, right. We were at the part where I had to end the post due to unavoidable circumstances. Lat where we left off, we were talking about the difference between gluttony and greed. So, without further ado, let's just get on with the issue of gluttony in our daily lives...

So, as I have said in the previous post, gluttony can be a problem sometimes, especially for people who have an insatiable desire for their, well, desires (what else?). So much, in fact, that they would even be willing to risk and endanger their own bodies to satisfy their wantings. The details of what gluttony is characterized like can be seen at the previous post.

So how does gluttony affect our daily lives? Well, the reason is rather simple and straightforward. Gluttons such as people with binge-eating problems. Actually, come to think about it, I'm not even really that SURE that “binge-eating” is the correct term to describe people who enjoy eating too many “guilty foods”, but we'll go with that for now until I manage to a) actually get home and finally get some good, actually USABLE Internet connection to search up the correct term for “overeating to the point of risking your own body”, AND b) manage to store up enough energy to actually OPEN a new tab on Google Chrome and search up an appropriate term for “overeating to the point of risking your own body” (yeah, “Sloth” is one of the seven sins I have never really managed to resolve yet. The fact that I also wait out the deadline of an assignment up until the day before the deadline (hell, sometimes I even do it ON the “D-Day”) and commit several hundreds of other lazy, unmotivated deeds also back up this fact).

Anyway, as I was saying, gluttons are pretty much killing themselves slowly by fulfilling their desires (Goddammit, am I just repeating my previous damn post? This is like an 80% similarity match with the first part. Sorry guys, I'm gonna find some original material for you guys in a bit, don't worry). Binge-eaters, who eat way too much and therefore risk their health (and indirectly even their own lives). Binge-watchers/Internet users/Binge whatever the hell gluttons may be potentially addicted to are pretty much destroying themselves willfully. Seeing that I'm pretty much just reusing my words over and over again, lemme just come to this conclusion: you can imagine the impact of us gluttons to our daily lives. I really don't feel like saying everything I just said a third/fourth time, for my sake and you guys's (Goddammit, now I get the feeling I'm making grammar errors AND extreme lack of originality. GODDAMMIT BRAIN WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU).

We still have time to discuss one more sin, and I've decided to pick “Greed” as the final sin of this post, since we're already waist-deep talking about gluttony (and not to mention overusing the same sentences over and over again), we might as well compare it with greed. Greed has the same “base concept” as gluttony: overindulgence of a specific thing. But the difference between “greed” and “gluttony” is that unlike gluttons, greedy people HAVE a lot of what they want (in this case, let's take “money” as the example), but have a tendency of not wanting to share it with people. So let's compare a glutton with a greedy person here.

So Guy A is a glutton. He likes to overspend money, because he's a glutton (that's what gluttons do, after all. We overindulge in our desires, with no regard to ourselves), goddammit. So Guy A, being the gluttonous sonuvab***h that he is, spends EVERY SINGLE penny of his money on things that he likes, with little regard to himself. He just overspends the absolute s**t out of his money,and even when he's low on cash, whenever he gets some moola, he just spends it on stuff that he doesn't even actually really need.

On the other hand, Guy B (the stingy motherf***er) has absolutely NO problem whatsoever when it comes to keeping his bank account balanced (to you guys who might not get this figure of speech, it basically means that he has a nice amount of money to keep his life going). However, he is incredibly selfish. He has no regard for other people, and although it won't hurt his wallet that much to donate and give others a bit of his money from time to time, he refuses to do it, because, as I have said a few sentences ago, he's a f***ing greedy jerk.

Greedy people can be a pain in the butt to the world. For instance, greedy governors/presidents/rulers of countries and cities may be too stingy to give to money to his/her dominion. If you have a greedy ruler to control a domain, he/she is gonna be all in for the money. And when said person gets a crap ton of money, he is just gonna constantly try to find other ways to get more and more money. And he/she will. Not. Stop. EVER. This applies to many things related to rulers ruling over their dominions (is that even the right word? Oh well, let's just go with that. Don't have a dictionary open right now, or good Internet connection either. Yeah, let's just go with “dominion”. Sounds cool anyway). In addition, people who are greedy are also the selfish buttholes in today's society due to their insistence of keeping whatever the hell they like to themselves and never give any of it to anyone, even though it won't hurt to do so.

So that wraps up the post for today. We'll continue this later sometime. Until then, as usual, see ya guys until tomorrow.

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