Saturday, July 11, 2015

Vacation Itinerary

In a matter of days, I'm about to pack up and leave with my family to a road trip around the island (Java, to those of you who are still unaware of my homeland), and my dad had made me responsible for creating an itinerary for the family's trip. I mean, it's not like I had any other choice but to write the plan for the trip. I mean, when your Wi-Fi's on the line, you don't really have that much of a choice...

But let's not dwell on that. Time to think about more important things, aside from what'll probably happen to me if I don't get this done in time (according to my dad, that's around one hour. I'm working as fast as I can here). So first things first: HOW to get there. The first thing to keep in mind is the transportation that we will require to get from point A to point B. In this case, fortunately, we plan to use a car.

On the first two days, we plan to go to Semarang, a nearby area, where we still stay in the Crown Hotel, which, fortunately for me, has a strategically placed mall beside it. The family will probably be living off the food there for the first two days of our stay (because mall food. Don't ask). Maybe for a few meals, we'll be eating a bit of the local food, such as the lumpia (a unique type of dumpling), various types of tahu (beancurd), and pisang goreng (fried bananas). After spending our two days in Semarang, we'll be setting off again.

After Semarang, we'll set off to another place in the island called Bandungan. Whilst there, we will be staying at the Susan Spa hotel. And as per usual, we might be able to enjoy a bit of the local cuisine while we're there, and maybe some mall food, if any. Yeah, the plan for Bandungan ain't exactly the most detailed one in the universe, but it still merits for something. The plan isn't really fully specified, though.

So that should be it for MY part of the itinerary. We won't end the journey there, however: my brother has another itinerary up and running for the next half of the journey (Jogjakarta and so on), so my duty is done here. So until then guys, be seein' ya. Bye!

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