Thursday, July 30, 2015

What Happened Part 3

My dad decided that we should have another post up today to compensate for the fate of tomorrow's Internet connection, so yeah... here we are. Anyway, let's just do this already. So, this is what happened next.

Amazingly, I also found a pretty decent place to eat while at Jogjakarta (OK, it wasn't really a restaurant, per se, but a food exhibition of some sort, like an outdoor food court (rhyming accidentally), and it fulfilled most of the criteria for a good Indonesian restaurant. It had great food (notably this really awesome Indonesian burger. Shame I forgot to tell the vendor not to put any hot sauce in the burger. Thankfully my dad bought several ice teas to extinguish the metaphorical fire in my mouth while I was eating said burger, but it was good nevertheless) and strategic placement (right next to the hotel). However, if there was something I could change about the place, it'd be the atmosphere (the atmosphere was fine, but I prefer indoor places, to be honest) and the background noise. I couldn't even hear myself over the noise of the host at the time (it was an exhibition, remember?). Other than that, it was actually great.

We also went “cave tubing” at Jogjakarta, which I had to say, was a pretty OK experience (I know it's anticlimactic for me to say it was an OK experience, but you know the type of guy I am). On the plus side, I got to witness going swimming in an underground cave for the first time, learned a bit about the local wildlife whilst in the cave (notably bats, fish and REALLY pesky bugs, but it was interesting nevertheless), and most importantly, got a photo of my dad taking a selfie (#selfieception). Unfortunately (for the rest of my family. I was totally fine with what happened next), we didn't go to any more activities like that for the remainder of the trip (see?).

But for ME, the most memorable experience of the trip was (hint: it's not the time when I ate at McDonald's or KFC, although that does qualify as a great experience. And sadly, that experience wasn't “lounging in the hotel room for hours on end” either. Nice guess, though) my visit to a hotel for some Dim Sum. I've been a pretty big fan of Dim Sum to start with, and secondly, this hotel was the very same place that I stayed in during MY grade's time in Jogjakarta. This was the most nostalgic I've ever been throughout the course of the entire journey (the second time was when we revisited the mall in Semarang that I told you guys was connected right next to the hotel on the return trip from Jogjakarta, but the only difference was that we only visited the mall to get some lunch. That was more anticlimactic than nostalgic, really, considering the fact that we visited the mall and got instantly depressed when we remembered that the hotel was right next to us. It's a hard feeling to describe, OK?).

Well, that should be it. This should at least please Daddy a bit, considering his mood if it doesn't. All I can say is that although this blog writing is somewhat of a necessity for my life (Internet surfing and $#!+), I will say that a side benefit to that is that you guys can at least see the life of my family. Maybe. I'll just leave the paragraph there before things get more complicated, so yeah... See ya next time!

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