Friday, July 31, 2015

Back in the Habit

So it's about time that we talked about what we were gonna do (actually, what I'M gonna do) when I get back to school. As I may have mentioned a few posts ago, it's only a few weeks' time until I'm gonna have to get back to a life of difficulty, routine, and stress (plus, it's inevitable too. Unless I... nah, screw that thought. That's too dark. And besides, I'm still working on reducing my negative thinking. Gotta improve your mindset, J, gotta improve...).

On the bright side however, I do get to get back with my friends and hang out with 'em which I have never actually managed to find time for over the holidays (I was too occupied by the fact that my everyday “disturbances” (AKA video games and video streaming) were more entertaining than my friends) to speak to. Which is something I must fix. I know that said activities make me happier than hanging out with my friends, but so does marijuana. And coke. And so does... (dammit J, we're getting distracted here) you know what, never mind. My point is, I must hang out again. Not only is it good for my social skills, but I also must try to NOT be an unsociable son of a b****.

Ever wondered how fast the weeks pass during the holidays? (or whenever you're doing anything fun, on that matter) Hence the saying, “time flies when you're having fun”. When you're NOT having fun, on the other hand, time suddenly runs into a traffic jam (of course, this doesn't apply to EVERY time, but it damn sure applies to a HUGE portion of life. Yeah, I know. Life can be a d*** sometimes). I noticed this pattern when I was doing a series of activities, starting from doing schoolwork to watching YouTubers play Mortal Kombat X on the Web (among the many other videos that I watch). You can imagine which activity made time go as fast as an Alcatraz escapee on speeds (if you get the joke) and which activity slowed it the f*** down.

But as I have said previously, school ain't all torture either (then again, it ain't exactly paradise, but sure, it has its perks). I have my friends, I have games, I have many things to entertain me during my time in the area (I COULD lisst them all down, but I don't feel like doing it now. Sorry). I'll be looking forward to it. It's nice to have a good challenge in life once in a while, no? (in fact, I challenged myself to write this down in my laptop, in an environment that I'm not entirely comfortable with (it's hard to keep the place anonymous, but I'll try my best to be at my best behavior and describe the place I'm writing at at the same time), with no adaptor and limited battery power. Challenge accepted)

On that note, I should probably leave now. Someone very important (especially if I don't follow said person's orders, that is) is gonna tell me to pack up in a bit. On that note, goodbye and thank you guys for listening. See ya 'til next time!

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