Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What Happened Part 2

Right. So we back. Without further ado, let's just get right down to it already. Now, where were we? Oh right...

As I was saying, And FINALLY, our last stop was Jogjakarta. This place was rather nostalgic, considering I've visited the city and went through a few memorable experiences: The first time I've ever spent a week away from Jakarta with my grade, the first time I ever toured a city, the first time I've ever spent time in a hotel with people who aren't members of my family (rather, it was my friends and teachers), the first time I ever went on a plane trip with my class, and most importantly, the first time I ever got scammed (to be more specific, by a haggler who managed to persuade me into buying a book for around Rp. 100 000 (about $10 or so. Check the exchange rate or something, I'm not sure) for a book that originally cost around $2 (about Rp. 20 000). If there was something I learned, it was to be more stingy with hagglers. In fact, you could say that in a way I “bought” the “experience” (it's like “buying” XP in games with in-game currency, but in real life (I know games don't allow you to purchase XP, you have to gain them, but you get how I'm trying to relate this to real life here).

But let's not dwell on the past here. So as I was saying, this was yet another trip to Jogjakarta. We spent the next four nights living in a hotel room in a pretty sweet hotel (that probably could've been phrased better, but whatever). Overall, it was a rather fun trip (sure, the hotel wasn't directly connected with a mall, but it had several more TV channels to watch, so there were a few upsides and downsides). That would've gone even better IF my forgetful ass remembered to bring his smartphone to the hotel. Which I didn't (in fact, I was forced to borrow various phones from other members of my family in order to fulfill my insatiable lust for video streaming. Needless to say, I wasn't all that surprised to hear my family asking why I didn't just use my own goddamn phone).

We participated in several exciting events whilst in our trip. Firstly, whilst in Semarang, we went to a giant-ass statue of Mother Mary (I appreciate their emphasis on religion in that part of the city. However, what I do NOT appreciate was the... never mind, forget I ever said that in the first place). We went to try some of the local cuisine (which I wasn't really a big fan of, despite being a goddamn Indonesian in the first place. Or for SOME places, at least. The reason I wasn't really keen on some Indonesian restaurants was mainly due to its food, location (so I can get back to my home ASAP) and restaurant atmosphere. Fulfill those both, fulfill my opinion of a good Indonesian restaurant. Very few Indonesian diners have fulfilled these for me. But hey, different people, different taste. In my case, I usually fall for what you adults might call “junk food”: Burgers, chicken wings, pizza, and basically almost all types of stereotypical American food).

That should be all, I guess. We'll continue tomorrow.

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