Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wake Me Up When The School Year Ends

So, today's the final day. After a year worth of studying and working my butt off doing various kinds of worksheets, tests, homework, projects and all that stuff, we have finally reached the year's end. During this year's end, I normally reflect. I look back and reflect on the things I could have done better, and the things that I was happy I did the way I did it (in simpler wording, the things that I was glad stayed the same).

In this post, I'm going to reflect on the previously mentioned things that I have just listed above (that probably could've been put into a much simpler sentence, but whatever) and if I feel like I'm the mood to, I'm probably gonna spend the remainder of the post planning my kick-ass holiday. We'll see how things go.

Let's reflect on the things I could've done better over the course of the past year. I mean (chuckle), EVERYBODY knows what a DILIGENT, HARDWORKING soul I am (that just goes to say that in reality, I really was just this lazy-ass dude who would delay the homework to the last possible second before he would actually get up and DO the work. Hey, don't ask: Last-minute panic is an awesome remedy to work, as I always say. You'll probably get a different opinion depending on who you ask though. I mean, my parents SURELY approve of it...), which is not at all.

Seriously, the majority of the projects and homework that I have done over the past year was NOT done in the best way possible. In other words, I REALLY didn't try. I really didn't. I'm not that type of guy. I'm more of the kind of guy who'd wait the homework out up until the last minute AND THEN work on it, as I may have mentioned previously. I am the LAST guy you'd expect who'd actually give a crap about some upcoming project.

When there's a piece of work that needs my attention, I'd normally lie around the house surfing the Web until the day before the deadline. THAT'S what it takes for me to quit YouTube and use the Internet for something far more useful (in academic terms, of course. Personally, I don't really think that stuff is all that useful to me. Then again, this is coming from the mouth of a guy who's obsessed in the Internet and literally can't find anything else to do besides write about his daily musings in a notebook OR talk with his friends (It MUST be his friends, however, because he and the public don't really mix well together. He hates strangers).

Of course, there's an exception. If it's a group project, that means I at least receive support from my friends, both morally and physically. I mean, I know I'm lazy, but when it comes to helping my friends, I'm all ears to find a way to help. That's one thing I'm glad I still had after all this time; a good standing with my friends. Fortunately, to the year level, although I come off as a bit of a freak, at least I ALSO come off as a patient, understanding and kind soul, even though there's a lot more that I'm willing to divulge under the mask (if you get that metaphor, I mean).

So yeah, other than that, I'm very happy and satisfied with my current state in my school. It's taught me a lot of things (in an unnecessarily rough method, but they taught me many things nonetheless), including mettle, toughness, friendship, sacrifice, and a great many other things. I'll be back, however, You ain't seen the last of me yet. So until the next post, guys. I will see you until then. Bye!

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