Saturday, June 27, 2015

Da Future

From the title of this post I can tell that you might be thinking, "Oh, Jason's gonna be talking about the future and all the fancy stuff that we're gonna have later in out lives." or something like that. Well, my dear readers, whether you like it or not, the topic for today is NOT going to be about future weaponry or all that stuff. Instead, we're gonna spend this post talking about my (potential) future and how the hell I'm gonna manage to achieve it (man, I sound all arrogant and self-caring, I should seriously consider changing my tone to become less of a braggart). Anyway, let's just get this started already.

To start with, let me just put it this way; if one day there was a person who needed somebody to rely on to get a job or find motivation to work on whatever project said person is working on right now, I tell you now, and do NOT say I didn't warn you guys: I will certainly, one hundred percent sure I will NOT be that person. Work and play do not mix. Or at least it doesn't for me. You want expert advice, ask all those geniuses in the universities and people like that. Either their work IS their play (in simpler words, studying is their favorite activity. I will NEVER be that kind of guy, because I NEVER want to be known as "Jason the Smart-ass Nerd". Even if I can, I'll hate myself for it, Just an FYI. "Ain't nobody gonna change me but me.". Remember that quote?) or their lives depend on it.

Anyway, to summarize all that, let's just say I'm more of a carefree, aloof soul. Maybe a bit TOO carefree and aloof, if you ask me (yeah, amazingly, I somehow still know my limits). And this is not just because my parents told me, either; I also came to realize this over the years, but I just can't help being this person I am today. I mean, sloth is a deadly sin, yeah, but losing habits are more easily said than done. Anyone who's protesting now about my current metal state and that "Jason should stop being a lazy-ass f*** and be more discipline, DUH.", please shut the hell up and stop reading. This is not the post for you. You're better off reading about quantum physics and $#!+ like that than complaining about how I live my life.

OK, sorry about the recent meltdown there. As I was saying, all I need is just a little push. A little motivation (my parents don't count, by the way. The only thing they helped me with so far is that sometimes force is necessary to control your children and other basic virtues, and didn't exactly help me with motivation to work. Sorry, my descendants. Not my freakin' idea) to turn me into the successful person I hope I just might be someday. With a bit of luck and passion, I will be said person someday. I just need to find a way to do it. If I don't, well, expect to find an "Alexander Jason" working a regular, tedious and obviously dull office job in some building or, worst case scenario, roaming the slums of Jakarta trying to find a way to survive a day in its, harsh, cruel, unforgiving environment.

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