Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time To Parteh

So. Last day of the school year down. What the hell do we do now, now that all the school stuff has been done and all is well with the world? OK, well, maybe not EVERYTHING is well with the world yet, starting from the fact that I feel somewhat isolated from my friends and prefer social interaction over an online Skype chat with my compatriots, as I may have mentioned in the previous post. However, on the bright side, I've got several weeks (perhaps even MONTHS) of goofing around the house doing absolutely nothing but opening various useless (but nonetheless very entertaining) websites and social media applications, and probably a few events with my family and friends, some of which I may enjoy (sleepovers, chatting online with my bros, all that kinds of stuff) or dislike/even despise (pretty much everything else).

So, on the plus side, I've got my plans for the holidays, which is basically watch the absolute $#!+ out of myself (that's gonna be a problematic, seeing that my eyesight is already seriously messed up as it is, but hopefully I'll be able to figure SOMETHING out over the holidays) on my computer, while resisting compliments from my ever-supporting parents about how it will horribly hinder my eyesight and mess up everything related to my vision and trying to shrug them off and find a way to deal with this dilemma so they won't have to worry about it (WHY in the name of Dog, out of all the genetic health issues my family could've passed down to me, it HAD to be “bad eyesight”? You can see how great that health problem mixes with my addiction and daily life. I'm not blaming you, ancestors, don't worry. I'm just cursing fate. I also won't want to be cursed by my (possibly grand) children for passing down my many disorders, including bad vision, mild ADHD and OCD in the future).

So other than my parents, I've got pretty much everything else sorted out. I've got Skype to help me keep in touch with my pals, which, when you think about it, might actually BETTER than real life interaction on some sides. I mean, can you create accidental spoonerisms on social media? Are you affected by your impediment speech in an online chat? That's a persistent problem I have to deal with from time to time. My friends I keep on “moving my lips the wrong way” when I speak. Well, to that I say my friend, screw you too. “Ain't nobody gonna change me but me”, bish (before you call me a copycat or something like that, let me point out to you that that wasn't my quote. It was a quote (not a very famous one, but a quote nonetheless) spoken by a talking raccoon in a movie where a vagrant, a space wrestler, a green super soldier, a tree and before-mentioned talking raccoon save a planet from a race of aliens who've suffered from hypothermia for way too long (or whatever that sickness that turns your skin blue is. I don't have freakin' Internet connection right now, so I'm not even gonna try to search up that term). If you still haven;t guessed the movie yet, consult to your friend who has). Get used to that.

So really... That's all that I really need to say for this post. I'll post this thing tomorrow, when I'm authorized connection the Web once more (my parents (I'm sorry, to be more exact, my DAD. If my family was a city, he's be the SWAT, the CIA and the FBI all at once. On second thought, my mom would probably be CIA. She reports to the superior agencies and they act accordingly. Anyway, we're getting off topic here, let's try to stick to the main path) have blocked off the Internet connection for the night, because due to past experiences, they have concluded that I should not be left to run amok with free Wi-Fi overnight, which is why I'm writing this now, at 10 PM. Time and date'll change by the time I post this, but that's the condition as of right now).

So that's that, then. Goodbye and see y'all until the next post.

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