Monday, June 22, 2015

Frame of Mind

Another day, another post. I could get used to this (but then again, remembering my true motive behind this post, maybe not), Anyway, in today's post, we are going to talk about happiness and many moral issues and its characteristics. I don't see much of a point babbling on and on about useless bull-crap that isn't necessary to be explain to you readers, so without further ado, let's just get straight to it.

Over the months, after some mental conditioning and change of heart (and mind), I've finally come to a conclusion, and a rather important one too. It may be a conclusion that some of you readers out there may have found earlier, but I only have discovered just recently, so frankly, I'll understand if you guys mocked me for this. Anyway, about last year, I discovered that happiness was really just a frame of mind. And believe me, that is a pretty damn important discovery for me.

I used to think about happiness and the feeling of contentedness was just merely related to your possessions and material belongings you had. So as a kid I would have these wild goals about being super rich/famous and that way, everything would take care of itself.

But when I got into 7th grade in my new school, my new friends had inadvertently taught me a new way of thinking, the CORRECT way of thinking, the potential key to my future life; that happiness is not about your physical possessions or anything like that: it's about you, and HOW you think your current condition is. For instance, person A may think that he is in a hellhole although he's got himself a good-earning job, a nice, obeying family, a nice-looking house, good internet connection, everything he really needs to supply him for the remainder of his ungrateful life (sorry A, but you had it coming. No offense, other people out there reading this that sound like person A. I don't relate anyone in real life to the people in my story).

Meanwhile, person B is just a low-income, disrespected, pressured man who lives in a rundown house and has no guarantee that he will be able to live his life until his death. He has no family, almost no friends (with the exception of the other losers in his office who share the same rank in the business as he does), and a rather low income. Hell, he even has trouble paying for his rent, for Christ's sake.

But B is happy. He may not be in the best financial situation in the world right now, but he is happy. "Why the hell, after all this crap happening to him, is he still happy?" you may ask me. Well, my faithful readers, it's because he's happy. He's content with what he has, and he. Is. Happy. Period. Although he has a low income job and a financially critical situation, he is content with his life and what he has, although he just has this crappy junkyard of a house and a job that practically demands nothing of him. Hey, don't look at me; there ARE people like that in this world. Damn, son, there are HOMELESS people in this world that are content and happy with the lives they have. In fact, some of them may even be more happy and content than us people on the Internet looking for something juicy to read/watch/chat about online.

So as you read this, I want you to put on a brighter, more cheerful mindset. Be happy with what you have, be it not that much or a lot. Over time, you'll find a way to be content and happy with what you have, as I have managed to be with (the TRUE problem with me lies in the fact that I AM content with what I have, but lose my freakin' mind once I DO lose that thing. As of now, it's the Wi-Fi. Take that away, and you now know why I'm writing this thing in the first place. Sorry, readers. That's the painful truth).

So yeah. That's that, then. Thanks guys, and see y'all next time.

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