Monday, August 19, 2013

Working My Way Up In Life

There is one question I constantly ask myself: "What am I going to do when I grow up?". I've seen many other people experience either the beauty or torture of being adult: To be independent: To survive on their own. I have lots of worries about being an adult. I have seen lots of people who weren't ready for their adulthood and suffer fearsome fates when they grow up and possibly, die. Here's what I think about being self-dependent, about being the master of my own fate:

I've always dreaded having to feed my own family, to provide shelter and supplies for a whole group of people. Judging from my parents' observations, a too-spoiled kid, who's given anything he wants and never spares a thought about the less fortunate people than him, won't be exactly the richest guy around. Quite the contrary, if he's lucky, he'll manage to find a job application as a common-or-garden office worker with low wages to feed his wife and brood. (that is, if he does have a family) If he's not that lucky, someday you might find this guy out on the street begging for money and probably using some kind of beggar trick to persuade passersby to "donate" him extra cash.

My parents were quite good when it came to surviving adulthood, as it was proven through this computer I'm currently using to type this post. Fortunately, I've got a plan on how to (almost) guarantee survival for my later years.
Jason's (Almost) Foolproof Plan to Surviving Adulthood
 The first and hardest part of my plan is to study my way through school until I'm old enough to get a decent job. (way easier said than done) Than I plan to fill in for a minor job (possibly as a dishwasher or some other employee in a restaurant or some office) and while I'm at it, I'll go sign up for journalism at the college. (this is where my plan starts to fall down) Hopefully through my experience in writing, I'll be able to work as a better kind of worker, like a newspaper journalist or if I'm really lucky, an author. So far I'm only at step one, (Surviving School) but I'm sure I'll survive and have a good life. You readers out there can also use my plan for your own ends, as that is the main point of this post.

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