Friday, August 16, 2013

Best, Now Last

I have a lot of problems, but one of the most fatal ones are reading "underaged" books. (next to video game addiction) I'm already in 1st grade high school, and my parents say that my kind of literature is for "kids", which is actually quite correct, considering the books I read. (Garfield, Big Nate, Calvin & Hobbes, you know, stuff like that) But to be honest with you, over time, books became from my ultimate boredom buster into an occasional entertainment source. Why? Well, because books may have been the hot stuff in the years 2007 to 2009, (I was around 7-9 years old then) but entering 10 years old, technology began to completely dwarf literature, and although I didn't instantly get spellbound onto the screen, I turned to technology over time. Why? Well, this next paragraph will explain.

When I was approximately 10 years old, I noticed that technology was beginning to turn my life around. Over the years, board games turned into computer games, pencils and paper turned into Microsoft Office, and encyclopedias turned into Wikipedia. I started to loosen my grasp on old-fashioned ways and started to tighten my grip on technology. Then came the smartphone. Then the advanced computers. The DVD player. (come to think of it, I think the DVD player was invented before I was 10, so scratch that) And last but not least, the even more awesome video games. By then I have almost lost complete contact to books, drawing, and science books. Why bother to search why is the sky blue in a science book when you can just instantly get the result on the internet? Why blister your hands with a pencil when you can just write it on Microsoft Word? Now I don't really depend on advanced literature anymore because technology is already there.

This has everything to do with my "lame" reading, because I've started to lose interest in it, and even my FRIENDS, who used to be way below me when it comes to advanced reading, are now well ahead of me. So I'm still finding a way how to improve my interest in literature. Plus, my interest in technology also comes with a heavy price: My family has a descending gene of some unfortunate sight problems, so imagine how unfortunate I am considering my hobby. If there is any one out there who can help give me some tips on how to look at more pages and less screen, I would love to hear it.
Book VS eBook

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